Friday, 15 June 2012


"Red Ten standing by..."

For thirty years we have thrilled to the daring exploits of the X and Y-wing fighter squadrons taking part in the final battle over the DEATH STAR in STAR WARS. Numerous magazines over the years have gone into depth about the brave characters in their fighter planes, and the majority of the surviving speaking part actors who have played those roles in the original July 1976 filming have been tracked down and interviewed…except one major contributor.

Red Ten.

In my research over the last fifteen years, no one has ever found out who the British actor was that played the recently Expanded Universe named Theron Nett. Internet forums have incorrectly listed him as the US actor Maury Chaykin. Considering he has several lines in the film, and plays a key part in Red Leader’s trench run, he is one of the only main pilots not credited in the movie-the result of a 1976/77 UK production office mistake when the titles were being put together by the US optical teams in Post Production.

Now, STAR WARS AFICIONADO, with the kind help of Red Four actor Jack Klaff, whom myself and Ian Trussler met at the Birmingham MEMORABILIA show this weekend (2008), can reveal the name of the actor who played the brave Red Ten, who died at the hands of Imperial forces whilst shielding Red Leader (Drewe Henley) in the DEATH STAR trench run.

His name (for atmospheric purposes, please pretend there is an exciting drum roll…)

Robert O’ Mahoney.

A British actor, Robert (Bob) O’ Mahoney was a theatre/ acting buddy of Klaff’s, whom he hasn’t seen in years-he doesn’t know if he is still alive or not. He is listed on IMDB and his last screen credit was in 1990 for the TV production BLOOD ROYAL: WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR.

And that is pretty much all we know about him. But at least it’s a start…

This information helps complete the documented list of on-screen dialogue speaking Rebel fighter pilots seen in the finished movie (at least eighteen to twenty pilots were filmed in the original cockpit scenes shot in the blistering hot summer 1976 of Elstree UK, many of which were not used in the final edit and whose names remain unknown (with the possible exception of actor John Chapman, who says he played the pilot call signed as Red Twelve-Gil Vilray. Until we see film or photographic proof that he shot his scenes, I’m afraid we don’t yet count him)).We also don’t count Red's Seven, Nine and Eleven, who call in off-screen, as the X-wings bear on the DEATH STAR as they are US actors voice overs only (their names also unknown) who were added on in the film’s 1977 Post Production.

If anyone out there can help with more info please get in touch...

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George White said...

Robert O'Mahoney moved to Ireland and has become quite a successful stage actor here.

The Relaxed Chef said...

Does he have a fan mail site or address?