Saturday 29 April 2023


Having abandoned some of his previous bounty hunting ways after prior resurrection from the Sarlaac Pit on Tatooine, the legendary Boba Fett springs into epic action using his years of combat experience, and all the technological gadget firepower at his disposal, to wipe out a squad of Stormtroopers intent on kidnapping the mysterious Jedi child Grogul from the mysterious world of Tython.

A superbly directed sequence from cult film favourite Robert Rodriguez, set during the exciting events of The Mandalorian Season Two episode, The Tragedy.

Robert Rodriguez Beefed Up 'The Mandalorian' Chapter 14 With Action, But He Wasn't The First Choice To Direct

Thursday 27 April 2023


"Give 'em hell, Indiana Jones!"

The ever loyal friend to Indiana Jones, Sallah has been on many epic adventures with the fortune and glory seeker over thirty years, especially linked to his Cairo home location. The ominous shadow of retirement now seemingly looms for the pair, but an encounter with the mysterious Dial of Destiny will surely beckon one further important quest for Sallah's greatest friend.

It's great to see one of the UK's finest character actors, John Rhys-Davies, back in one of his most beloved screen roles.

Subscribers' cover.

I'm sure the return of Sallah will be a part of the Indy V coverage within the latest issue of the UK's Total Film magazine, available in shop and subscribers issue covers.

Newsstand cover.


Tuesday 25 April 2023


Our droid heroes walk the road to Jabba's palace, of which a classic glass painting was supervised on the location filming by Richard Edlund.

On December 11th, 1982, the scene of the droids walking to Jabba's palace was shot at Walkwing Parkway - at a place in Death Valley, California called Twenty Mule Team Canyon, with Anthony Daniels as Threepio for his final filming on Return of the Jedi and the robot controlled Artoo prop. It was directed by George Lucas, and camera photographed by Hiro Narita (who would later go on to do impressive cinematography for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). 

A wary Threepio walks with Artoo.

Working with Artoo, Daniels would recall to Star Wars Insider magazine: "Artoo doesn't do sand and they had earlier found he didn't do rocks. Years later they would find that he didn't do forest floors either. In each case they would carefully lay plywood sheets on the tricky terrain and paint them the appropriate colour; sandy-yellow, browny-grey or greeny-brown. Cunning! Well, you never noticed, did you?" 

At one point during the location filming rehearsal, Lucas bends over next to Threepio pretending to be Artoo and beeps his lines– something which brings great amusement to Daniels. 

Directing the long walk.

Clapperboard image. Though Richard Marquand is credited as director, the sequence was ultimately handled by George Lucas.

Michael Pangrazio's unused landscape painting for the journey to Jabba's palace.

The originally planned matte exterior for Jabba's palace, seen top image in the Marvel Comics adaptation that was replaced- when the new location filming for the revised scene was underway, the art for the adaptation was likely already commenced.

More on the original unused sequence of the droid's arrival at the palace:

Sunday 23 April 2023


Loyal, protective and discreet in his ongoing service to the Queen of Naboo- quick to action and experienced in combat, Captain Typho is always ready for duty, as seen in this great posed publicity image for The Clone Wars animated series, whose regular trips to Naboo saw the character given much more to do than anything ever given to his live-action counterpart during the Prequel Trilogy...

Friday 21 April 2023


Hip deep in intense warfare against the Final Order's legion forces on their secret homeworld of Exegol, our diverse supporting Resistance hero stars of The Rise of Skywalker - mechanic/specialist Rose Tico, archaeologist Beaumont Kin, and communications/operations officer Kaydel Ko Connix - show their mettle in a do-or-die mission rounding off the sequel trilogy.

Dominic Monaghan Reflects on 'Star Wars' - Star Wars News Net

Wednesday 19 April 2023


Despite their incredible physical skills and lightsaber expertise, the sheer weight of enemy numbers sees many of the Jedi rescue party killed, whilst its survivors, and Pamde Amidala, are corralled to the centre of the arena. Once there, Count Dooku offers the survivors a chance to surrender, of which Mace Windu retaliates that they will not be used as hostages to barter against the Republic. Soon enough, with fake emotion towards his once friends, Dooku orders the droid army to destroy them...

Obi-Wan checks on a fallen friend now dead.

Padme watches as Dooku gives his surrender offer.

Ryan Church concept art for the scene.


The survivors gather against Blue screen at the Fox Studios, Australia in 2000.

In between takes at Australia.

Alternate filming of our fab four. Their varying separate action moments were likely cut and paste CGI transferred over various parts of the arena action.

Unused alternate footage of our heroes together in battle.

Monday 17 April 2023


It was fifty years ago today, that a young and talented filmmaker named George Lucas, afresh from his writing/directing duties on what would soon be the smash hit musical comedy drama/ pop culture classic American Graffiti, would put pen to paper in creating the first thirteen-page story synopsis of what was to be his planned modern take on the space fantasy adventure genre - The Star Wars...

I wonder what happened with that...?!

George Lucas in the early 1970's.

The world owes Lucas a great debt now and forever more for creating such an incredible legacy and universe of excitement that continues to entertain, delight, and influence audiences in such positive, inspiring and hopeful ways...

Thank you, George!


Now operating across the galaxy, ready for the thrill of the chase and the lure of regular profit, the young and gifted star pilot Captain Han Solo cuts a formidable figure in this great posed publicity image of Alden Ehrenreich for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I've said it several times before and I'll keep saying it on behalf of the other millions of likeminded fans across the globe: 'Disney, c'mon let's have another Solo movie, or at least a six-part expansive story." 

Solo writer Jonathan Kasdan feels "conflicted" about potential sequel | GamesRadar+

Alden Ehrenreich says he's noticed more love for underrated 'Solo' over the years: 'It feels like a shift'

Saturday 15 April 2023


At the legendary Canto Bight gambling establishment for the powerful, the elitist, and the corrupt, the talents of  the infamous 'Master Codebreaker' (Justin Theroux, enjoying a special cameo), identified by his red plom bloom lapel emblem, enjoys some quality time with a few lady friends (including British actress/model Lily Cole as 'Lovey'), in a classy image from The Last Jedi

Wednesday 12 April 2023


The High Republic multi-media success story continues soaring to new heights of adventure, acclaim and popularity, as another new hardback release from Century proves perfect Spring reading for fans...

Official release blurb:

After the thrilling events of The High Republic: Convergence, the Jedi race to confront the Path of the Open Hand and end the Forever War.

After five years of conflict, the planets Eiram and E'ronoh are on the cusp of real peace. But when news breaks of a disaster at the treaty signing on Jedha, violence reignites on the beleaguered worlds. Together, the royal heirs of both planets - Phan-tu Zenn and Xiri A'lbaraan - working alongside the Jedi, have uncovered evidence that the conflict is being orchestrated by outside forces, and all signs point to the mysterious Path of the Open Hand, whom the Jedi also suspect of causing the disaster on Jedha. 

With time- and answers - in short supply, the Jedi must divide their focus between helping quell the renewed violence on Eiram and E'ronoh and investigating the Path. Among them is Gella Nattai, who turns to the one person she believes can unravel the mystery but the last person she wants to trust: Axel Greylark. The chancellor's son, imprisoned for his crimes, has always sought to unburden himself of the weight of his family name. Will he reconcile with the Jedi and aid in their quest for justice and peace, or embrace the Path's promise of true freedom?

As all roads lead to Dalna, Gella and her allies prepare to take on a foe unlike any they've ever faced. And it will take all their trust in the Force, and in one another, to survive.

Get it here:

Star Wars: Cataclysm: Star Wars: The High Republic: Prequel Era, Book 2 (Audio Download): Lydia Kang, Mark Thompson, Penguin Audio: Audible Books & Originals

Tuesday 11 April 2023


"The exhaust port is marked and locked in."

With Gold Squadron's obliteration by enemy forces, it's turn for the first of Red flight's attack runs on the Death Star trench, undertaken by the courageous Red Leader and his wingmen. Despite their skills, and an incredible near miss at their thermal exhaust port target, the trio of Rebel heroes are soon dispatched by the return of Darth Vader and his equally lethal wingmen.

The X-wings begin their trench run.

Red Leader commands the first X-wing trench run, but he and his wingmen are also ultimately destroyed by Darth Vader and his pilots. Storyboards by Joe Johnston.

An X-wing is destroyed.

Death Star surface and trench conceptual art by Joe Johnston.

Planning the trench sequence with small X-wings on poles.

Two trench images taken by Dennis Muren,

Preparing to film another sequence.

Another view of the trench, this one leading to... Lorne Peterson!

Grant McCune with one of the model Imperial cannons. Image via the Alex Fish Collection.

One of the Death Star trench laser cannon emplacements.

Preparing to film the first part of the trench run entry sequence.

Capturing natural light pyrotechnics outside the ILM base at Van Nuys with a camera mounted van to capture the speed of the fighter attack.