Tuesday 31 January 2023


Jyn braves the dangers of the electronic retrieval vault and its fast-moving droid operators (almost like spiders) on Scarif, looking for the 'Stardust' files pertaining to the Death Star schematics, in this terrific production painting/concept art for Rogue One - A Star Wars Story by veteran SW talent Vincent Jenkins

Sunday 29 January 2023


"This party's over!"

The arrival of supreme Jedi Master Mace Windu, bringing with him nearly two hundred diverse human/alien Jedi, to the Geonosian arena sees-in an intriguing sense of pause then stalemate between the sides of good and evil. But as hostile Super Battle Droids quickly appear on the scene, battle between the Jedi and Count Dooku's en masse droid armies is quickly in place as the death arena is plunged into chaos amidst a swarm of retreating Geonosian insects. 

Meanwhile, bounty hunter Jango Fett is determined to kill Windu for his threatening actions...

Keeping a bounty hunter at bay.

Mace confronts Dooku. Has the Separatist leader the might to defeat the Jedi?

Droids incoming from the darkness behind.

Mace is outgunned but soon leaps into the arena below.

As Jango Fett discharges his flame thrower and catches Windu's cape.

Unused shot of Jango Fett firing double blasters, presumably at the now descending Windu.

“Facing off against Samuel Jackson? Seriously, you try eyeballing the guy when all you can think about is Pulp Fiction. Don’t even go there.” 

Temuera Morrison - Empire magazine - June 2002

Lucas has fun with the young Daniel Logan during filming set-ups.

Sam Jackson shows us who's the boss on set at the FOX Studios, Australia in 2000.

Friday 27 January 2023


Above the forest moon of Endor, the ominous construction continues of the second Death Star space station, boasting even more dreaded destructive firepower than the its predecessor. But the pace of such important construction is not proceeding as fast as the Emperor would like in his ongoing need to destroy the small but effective band of Rebel Alliance outlaws plaguing the galaxy. The solution: send the ultimate force for 'increased productivity' to the station. And that can mean only one unique figure, the all-powerful Lord Darth Vader!

A lovely, specially created model composite image establishing angle by ILM for publicity and merchandising of the film during 1983.

Wednesday 25 January 2023


Their under floor hiding location too easy to spot, it isn't long before Rey, Finn and BB-8 are discovered by the mysterious arrivals that have recently captured the Millennium Falcon, in a memorable and now classic scene from The Force Awakens.

I loved the return of the oxygen masks first seen worn by Han Solo, Leia and Chewie in The Empire Strikes Back. Whether these were the original props potentially held in the Lucasfilm Archive, or were newly made (most likely), is unknown...

Monday 23 January 2023


Answering the call for help reaching out to them in the farthest areas of the Outer Rim sieges, two bold Jedi return to the Republic home world of battle on a desperate mission to rescue the Separatist captured Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The decisive conflict of the Clone Wars, and a stunning move launched by the evil Count Dooku, is but the launching pad for a far more Machiavellian-esque evil ready to take centre stage and launch its successful power grab...

A lovely special CGI created composite image used for the publicity and merchandising of EPISODE III in 2005.

Saturday 21 January 2023


Gamely thrust into the heart of an epic time-spanning adventure, Helena Shaw, daughter of the famous British historian Basil, and equally as obsessed with the mysterious Dial of Destiny as her father, makes for a fine pairing with the legendary Indiana Jones, in this overseas discovery moment from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, coming soon to the movies...

Thursday 19 January 2023


Art by Kazuhiko Sano.

The Empire may truly have struck back with supreme nastiness against the Rebels in 1980, but 1983 was the time for our heroes to win the final battle for the galaxy away from the evil Emperor and his legions, whilst Luke Skywalker restored the name of the legendary Jedi Knights and would help see-in the birth of a New Republic.

It may be regarded as the weakest film of the Original Trilogy, but Return of the Jedi, celebrating its Fortieth Anniversary in 2023, is nonetheless hugely popular with fans of all ages for its epic action, strong core emotional drama, slimy monsters, superb model effects and a very happy ending (at least for now...)

Look out for Star Wars Aficionado's celebration of the classic across the year ahead...

Tuesday 17 January 2023


Fighting for survival! Pamde versus the fearsome Nexu beast in the Geonosis arena blood sports. Art by Ryan Valle.

The Geonosians are hungry to see Jedi blood spilt in their gruesome packed-to-the-rafters arena as three fearsome beasts are herded into animalistic violence and savagery against Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme. Fortunately, the three captured friends prove totally formidable against the creatures in a battle leading to near-escape that angers not just the insect audiences but the important Separatist VIPs watching the spectacle, guests of Count Dooku.

The Reek emerges... heading towards Anakin.

The Acklay heads for Obi-Wan.

The Nexu beast turns on its Geonosian slaver.

The Nexu begins its attack, and soon injures Padme, who resiliently fights back and injures it with her chains.

Padme works to free herself from her final bonds.

At first dragged along by the Reek...

... Anakin uses the Force to temporarily calm and control it.

Padme jumps down to the awaiting Anakin, now atop the Reek. She kisses his neck in a romantic gesture deliberately referencing Leia with Han Solo in a brief and tender moment during The Empire Strikes Back.

Whilst Obi-Wan keeps back the Acklay before reuniting with Padme and Anakin now using the Reek for transport.

Obi-Wan runs from the Acklay to join his comrades. A frame of lie action blue screen filming is superimposed onto a concept/atmosphere painting from Ryan Church.

Our heroes once against trapped by Droidekas.

Our heroes look up as a surprise rescuer makes an appearance.

Production design for the multi-limbed Acklay beast.


“The execution beasts were outrageous designs but they were workable in terms of animation. I was never worried about the reek, which was big and muscular and well designed. I was a bit more worried about the Nexu, because of its huge claws. In the maquette he was down very low, almost like a hunting cat; but we had to lift him up a bit in order to make him work. Also, the walking cycle had the kind of twisting action of a Komodo dragon, and that took some effort. The final monster, the Acklay, had fingers coming off its six legs. I wasn’t sure what to do with the fingers initially, but overall he moved a lot like a crab.” 

Rob Coleman - Star Wars: Mythmaking book - 2002

The Nexu beast was designed by Robert E. Barnes, and a creature that was mad to mix Lion-like physique with human and reptilian influences. Barnes would state of the creature in 2002: "I was thinking of a mutated hybrid of human and feline energy, which was a very disturbing image in my mind." It was also nicknamed 'Bad Kitty' by the ILM animation team.

The Acklay design was inspired by a giant crab-like monster seen in the classic Ray Harryhausen movie, Mysterious Island (1961).

Concept art of a Geonosian with ride.

Nexu beast design.

Model maquette of the Reek.

Concept art of beasts heading towards our chained heroes in the arena.

Padme begins her escape climb up the pillar.

Filmed in Australia's FOX Studios, Padme climbs her singular pillar to escape the Nexu.

Undoing her chain bonds.

Ready to defend herself.

Padme's battle scars.

Natalie Portman prepares to film her scenes leaping from the giant pillar down to an awaiting Anakin.

Anakin uses the Force to control the Reek.

Nick Gillard instructs Hayden Christensen on how to control the Reek with the wraparound chain.

Hayden and Natalie on the fake Reek.

“I remember this one scene we had to shoot, where me, Hayden and Ewan all had to stand on this huge mechanical bull in front of a bluescreen. Hayden was in front, I was in the middle and Ewan was standing behind me. Honestly! The rude things he was whispering in my ear! I mean, Ewan is a suggestive guy at the best of times, but jumping around together in what he called “his sandwich” was just too good an opportunity for him to resist. Trust me, he said absolutely everything you could imagine...” 

Natalie Portman - Empire magazine - June 2002

Having fun alongside veteran Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard.

Our trio reunited but still in danger.