Wednesday 31 May 2023


He's paid off his debts to the Crimson Dawn crime cartel and since gone on to enjoy a high life of gambling, women and intergalactic wheeler-dealing. Now, when Crimson Dawn's high up the chain Qi'ra offers him a lucrative journey to the dangerous realms of the Spice Mines of Kessel, the challenge soon proves too irresistible to turn down, and leads to an intriguing first contact with another equally daring smuggler and rival adventurer, a certain Han Solo...

Monday 29 May 2023


Reunited on the enchanting and dream-like Irish realm of Skellig Island, Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley reprise the mysterious ending of The Force Awakens for The Last Jedi, but with an added difference/continuance that soon proves both unique and controversial to Star Wars and Luke Skywalker fans...

Saturday 27 May 2023


His ordered life as a construction supervisor on the Imperial prison facility of Narkina 5 now over with the slaughter of inmates now fully revealed, of which he too could be one of the next victims of overlord injustice, Kino Loy's fiery, committed resistance shines through as he and Cassian Andor lead the ultimate jail break. A great image from One Way Out, a superb episode of heightened drama from Star Wars - Andor's first acclaimed season, of which the upcoming Season Two looks set to continue the quality storytelling some time during 2025.

Thursday 25 May 2023


Terrific art by Vincent Raphael Aeo capturing the emergence of Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight, and the epic struggle by the Rebel Alliance to defeat galactic tyranny, as Return of the Jedi ends George Lucas's original Classic Trilogy in spectacular and emotional satisfying style.


Remember the original action and adventure from 1983, in these great TV spots: 

Wednesday 24 May 2023


Harrison Ford and Toby Jones captured by the press during Scottish location filming for Indy V.

Soon to become a lifelong obsession, Professor Basil Shaw's interest in the legendary 'Dial of Destiny' device takes him (accompanied by his good friend in fellow archeologist Indiana Jones) into a spectacular European conflict against the evil Nazi's, who, like the Lost Ark they once sought, are continuing their zealous quest in acquiring powerful antiquities to use in winning World War II. The beginning of Indiana Jones V, surely both a last hoorah for the younger exploits of our titular hero and a prelude to the implications the Dial brings to his older self, may prove the best sequence of the upcoming installment.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: Old School Action Scenes

Train dangers, Nazi problems!

Accomplished British actor Toby Jones is a fine casting choice for the movie, already notably appearing in franchises like Marvel's Captain America, and The Hunger Games.

Monday 22 May 2023


The first critical battle of the infamous Clone Wars is underway, as thousands of combat trained Clone Troopers advance against Separatist legions, whose epic conflict in EPISODE II was realized in ways that surely lived up to most fans expectations after the pivotal galactic war was first mentioned by Luke Skywalker back in cinemas during 1977.

“We’ve been hearing about this clone war for years, ever since the first movie; so it had to be very big, and very Star Wars–sized.” 

Ben Snow - Cinefex magazine - issue 90 - 2002

“It’s the kind of battle we always wanted to do in Star Wars. Now I was able to really cut loose and have all those action pieces be what I’d always hoped they’d be.” 

George Lucas - 2002 interview - Total Film magazine - Issue 102 - May 2005 (Star Wars Supplement)

Clone attack staging area. Production painting art by Ryan Church.

Escaped from the Geonosis Arena, the Jedi head off to the Clone Troopers staging area.

Newly arrived at the battle scene, Mace Windu directs the Clone Trooper forces.

The Clone Troopers press on in their ground attack.

Separatist Spider Droids also advance on their enemies.

Hailfire Droids begins their bombardments. Art by Erik Tiemens.

Battle Droids and Separatist artillery go into battle. 

Under Anakin Skywalker's instruction a Trade Federation fuel cell is destroyed.

Advancing on an escaping Trade Federation cruiser pod. Production painting art by Ryan Church.

"George said that the clones were clever. He said: “They’re human, they know a thing or two. Unlike the battle droids, which are machines that just march mindlessly into gunfire, the clone troopers are like trained Vietnam fighters, with squads of guys moving around.” So there was a dichotomy there-the clash of the droids, who just march to their doom like Napoleonic soldiers versus these smarter clones moving in squads. And that changed the way we choreographed the clone war battle. We ended up with whole battalions of droids coming in one place, and squads of clones moving all over the place.” 

Ben Snow - Cinefex magazine - Issue 90 - 2002

Aayla Secura and her troops go into battle.

The Clone Troops stop an escaping Trade Federation cruiser pod.

Heavy attack from above.

Landing Republic heavy forces.

Direct hit! Art by Erik Tiemens.

Republic forces attacked. Art by Ryan Church.

Unused animatics of the battle.

Droid forces face heavy resistance.

In a storm of dust, the Clones fight on.

The same scene as rendered by Ryan Church.

Into battle with this multi-media art linked to the film's classic battle.


Production painting art of the ground forces and air support.

A selection of storyboards by Rodolfo Damaggio. More Clone Troopers attack their targets.

The Jedi go into action!

Going into battle as the Geonosians blast at them from the ground.

Marching on to battle as the ground conflict intensifies.

An enemy in retreat.

A Geonosian energy cannon.

Separatist Spider Droid conceptual art.

Separatist Hailfire Droids concept art.

Steve Gawley adjusts a collapsible Republic vehicle at ILM prior to filming. 

Sunday 21 May 2023


Dopey but intimidating and powerfully violent when needed, the pig-like Gamorrean Guards, loyal servants and bodyguards to Jabba the Hutt within his palace on Tatooine corner Threepio and Artoo upon the droids entrance into the palace. The creatures were soon a hugely popular monster creation in Return of the Jedi, especially mined for comedy value in the sequence linked to the Rancor pit.

Three of the bulky costumes created for the film in a reference image.

Having been developed by the ILM Creature Shop during 1981, when the lumbering Gamorreans made their first proper appearances on set, director Richard Marquand had specific ideas about the monsters and how they behaved, recalling to Bantha Tracks newsletter in 1983: "I felt that the Pig Guards were totally unintelligent, neo-fascist types. Their dumb attitude to carrying out orders is one level of behaviour. At the same time, we wanted to convey that just as the school bully, you can out-maneuver him if you're smart and he'll turn into a coward. This is what happens in the movie. Also, I thought an interesting characteristic for them to have would be relishing the discomfort of one of their own. To enjoy seeing another Pig Guard being given a hard time. We actually managed to get that into the film." 

Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

Another McQuarrie concept.

Art by Nilo Rodis-Jamero.

The creature maquette takes shape.

Scott Farrar watches an ILM test a raw foam mask and costume prototype at the specially activated ILM creature shop in 1981 for Jedi.

A close-up of the bulky feet worn as shoes.

Polaroids of a work in progress head.

A trio of unpainted masks without animatronic mechanisms.

At work on the animatronics, presumably in the UK at Elstree Studios.

Close-up shot of the animatronic head in action within Jabba's Palace.

Behind the scenes studio continuity polaroid of an actor inside the suit, but without the applied large contact lenses.