Tuesday 31 October 2023


Han Solo and his ever-loyal first mate Chewbacca have gotten themselves in and out of a lot hairy and dangerous scrapes over the years, but none so macabre and horrific than their encounter with the zombie-fied Empire cohorts infected with Blackwing virus, from the acclaimed Death Troopers horror story written by Joe Shreiber.

Great art linked to the tale used to promote the then popular Star Wars Galaxies interactive video game series, which also got to incorporate a lone Jedi into the gory action via the shapely form of Aayla Secura.

STAR WARS AFICIONADO wishes its worldwide readers a very memorable 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN!'

Sunday 29 October 2023


Keeping the galaxy-shattered Clone Wars going through lies, treachery and false promises, whilst fellow corruptible Senators and the near powerless Jedi continue to be fools unaware of their murderous and power-grabbing dark side autonomy, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and his key assistant Mas Amedda enjoy the manipulation and chaos before their final plans come into effect.

Another great image from The Clone Wars animated series.

Friday 27 October 2023


On the winter night streets of the beleaguered world of Kijimi, the ongoing tyranny of First Order control and their kidnaping of local children to their brutal cause soon sees underground emergent action and retaliation from a brave few whose past histories are less than perfect. One such individual, the helmeted and enigmatic Zorri Bliss, who is soon reunited with a former friend now potential Resistance enemy, from The Rise of Skywalker.

Wednesday 25 October 2023


Aboard his luxury yacht First Light, now docked on Vandor, the clever and calculating Crimson Dawn crime lord Dryden Vos, flanked by his private guards and having just dealt with the services of the local Imperial Governor, directs his attention to the glamorous party taking place beneath him, prior to a tense meeting with failed entrepreneur Tobias Beckett. 

Though seen in a teaser trailer, the above top shot was a brief deleted moment from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Vos prior killing the local regional Imperial Governor (Lyndon S. Hellewell) before celebrating.

And now it's time to join the party!

Monday 23 October 2023


As the destruction wrought by Amilyn Holdo's sacrifice near engulfs them within the Supreme Leader's Star Destroyer hangar bay, its chaos heightened further by a certain BB-8 operating an attacking scout walker, the heroic Finn makes a last combative stand against the revenge-fuelled Captain Phasma, who is determined to eliminate the 'rebel scum' once and for all. A great image from a crowd-pleasing but all too brief action scene of The Last Jedi.

Saturday 21 October 2023


Now arrived into Jedha's primary city, the huge and menacing presence of the Empire, as well as its brutal occupational skillset, is more keenly felt than ever by a wary Jyn Erso and her escort Cassian Andor, in a tension-building scene from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

As the new season of Andor approaches in 2024, could Jyn Erso potentially make a cameo appearance in the series timeline?

Andor Season 2 Bringing Back Key Star Wars Character?

Andor Season 2's Cameos Teased by Star Wars Producer | The Direct

Thursday 19 October 2023


It takes all sorts to win a war, especially a war against a tyrannical First Order intent in enslaving a galaxy of diverse lifeforms. And when it comes to being a Resistance fighter, heroes aren't necessarily going to be humanoid, either, as seen with the confident and talented X-wing pilot, Ello Asty.

With Return of the Jedi's Rebellion creature fighter pilots not making the Battle of Endor's final edit, it was nice to see at least one alien in aerial battle conflict alongside his comrades during The Force Awakens.

Tuesday 17 October 2023


Darkness falls and a destiny of evil awaits the once 'hero without fear', Anakin Skywalker, as captured in this splendid and atmospherically charged art from Tsuneo Sanda linked to the devastating and tragic events befalling our once powerful Jedi of EPISODE III.

Sunday 15 October 2023


Classic scene still used for marketing and publicity.

Our heroic droids now face a new life and dangers within Jabba the Hutt's evil domain, of which Threepio is not taking the change too well, sadly wondering what he has done to deserve this nightmare from his former master...

Built on Stage 7 for filming across February 17th - 19th, 1982, the corridor set outside the droid dungeon would be quite small, with a curved section that turns left into the main area. The far wall end of the main corridor would have a specially painted backdrop that made it look like the corridor goes further into the distance than it actually does. 

For this blackly comic sequence, numerous surviving Artoo shells, Threepio casings from The Empire Strikes Back, and a disassembled CZ-3 protocol droid suit, previously worn by Anthony Daniels and seen wandering around Mos Eisley for the original Star Wars, are re-used as prop set dressing as the damaged remains of previously tortured droids. A nice sight gag involving Threepio and the CZ-3 prop costume is created on set. 

Watch out for the clever camera trick at the beginning of the sequence where the droids are herded into  the room from the dank corridor. The three-legged Artoo unit enters the shot with Threepio and the Gamorrean Guards (likely played by Simon Williamson and Hugh Spirit). The camera then stays with Threepio as we follow the golden droid into the room-by this time the three-legged Artoo has disappeared off camera and the Kenny Baker operated shell is already present in the room by the time Threepio has neared the console area manned by EV-9D9 (a similar trick had been prior used for a scene in Star Wars, involving Artoo walking about Mos Eisley Spaceport's streets to Docking Bay 94). Like the corridor set leading into it, there is a painted background behind EV-9D9’s instrument panel to make it look as if the room is bigger than it actually is. 

As with the previous two films, the three legged remote controlled Artoo would bring its own fair share of problems to the shoot, aggravating directing Richard Marquand on a regular basis, recalling to Photoplay - June issue, 1983: “I hope I never have to work with Artoo Detoo again. Little monster. It was an eye opener. I had been told constantly, “Ha ha ha. Wait until you start shooting sequences involving the droids” and I didn’t pay any attention. Artoo is so charming and lovely on the screen, but is such a monstrous little thing. He has brainstorms. You pull out his plug at the wrong time in the morning and he freaks out. He’ll do a rehearsal perfectly and when you’re ready for a take he suddenly explodes or something. There are thirteen of them and each one does things but doesn’t do them all. You have to shoot them all separately and it just drives you crazy because he is one of the stars of the movie. He just gives that little upbeat “Beep!” at the right moment and everybody feels good again.”

Sadly, veteran supporting star Kenny Baker, when operating Artoo inside his two-legged incarnation, does not establish any kind of warm rapport with Marquand during the duration of filming, unlike his prior positive relationships with George Lucas and Irvin Kershner.  

Assigned their new duties...

"We've been without a protocol droid since our master got angry with our last one, and disintegrated him...!"

In early conceptual art, EV-9D9 started off life as an assassin droid.

The cruel EV-9D9.

Unseen outtake image.

Atmospheric image of the droid on set.

Originally, it had been planned for EV-9D9 to walk, but, three days before filming, tests indicate that effects aren’t able to convincingly bring it to life. With the EV-9D9’s dialogue being overdubbed, Richard Marquand, the voice of the character, has some fun with the on set dialogue-in one out-take, he orders the Gamorrean Guards to take Threepio away to be fitted with a “Lucas bolt”!  The character, puppet operated by Kiran Shah (as listed on a call sheet), may also have had some extra lines-similar cut dialogue is in both the film’s novelisation and in the comic adaptation: "You're a feisty little one, but you'll soon learn some respect. I have need for you on the master's Sail Barge. Several of our astro droids have been disappearing recently - stolen for spare parts, most likely. I think you'll fill in nicely." 

A Gonk/Power Droid is cruelly upside down with its feet burnt!

Whilst a medical droid is being torn apart. This was a lightweight, flexible prop compared to the Medical Droid built for use in Empire, and was operated by out of sight puppeteers.

The evil masters of the dungeon, droids BG-J38 and EV-9D9, were built by the London special effects teams at Elstree, mostly operated on set, out of camera view, by unseen-on-film piano wires. Producer Howard Kazanjian would recall: “There was a little person in the dustbin droid (Carol Read) moving the feet as he is rotated and being tortured. The dustbin droid was self-contained. The droid that was on levers torturing him was standing there on his own. His hands were attached to the levers and his head was moved by wires. EV-9D9, our chief droid, was operated by wires and rods and sometimes you could see a rod coming out of the back of an arm or an elbow. He also had a control panel there that he was operating. It was real puppetry.”

The voice of the upside down tortured Power Droid, inserted into the movie during post production, would belong to Ben Burtt-his screams speeded up. 

Dungeon interior set, with false perspective distance background.

"Artoo, don't leave me!"

Artoo, at the mercy of a Gamorrean Guard and EV-9D9.

Behind the scenes continuity polaroid showing EV-9D9 puppet with one of the practical effects technical team?

The droid props at the Elstree practical effects workshop.

EV- 9D9 in the workshop.

Friday 13 October 2023


Now finding themselves employed to Jabba the Hutt's cruel services, Threepio and Artoo are soon herded by Gamorrean Guards to the palace's doom-laden droid dungeon, where, amongst the litter and carnage of destroyed and tortured protocol droids and astro units, they encounter the menacing droid master EV-9D9, who swiftly assigns Threepio to ongoing duties as an interpreter droid. Meanwhile, Artoo heads to Jabba's unique sail barge for a role that it will prove well suited for...

Lovely production painting art by Ralph McQuarrie used within his later Return of the Jedi portfolio, as well as numerous types of promotion linked to the film by 1983.

Wednesday 11 October 2023


Newly returned to Naboo, Senator Padme Amidala and her 'Jedi escort' Anakin Skywalker (now bearing a replacement robotic hand for the one lost against Count Dooku), having finally declared their love for each other before and after the Battle of Geonosis, wed in secret at the lush Varykino safe house, with no audience to celebrate their joyful union but their faithful droid comrades Threepio and Artoo. 

As the striking sun sets in front of all of them after the newlyweds long and loving kiss, an uncertain future of war, love, secrets, and betrayal awaits Anakin and Padme, as the galaxy around them equally faces similar tests amidst the encroaching shroud of darkness...

Trisha Biggar Reflects on Star Wars: Attack of the Clones | StarWars.com

Natalie Portman in a stunning wedding outfit.

Sealed with a subtly passionate kiss.

The secret wedding ceremony.

Threepio (Anthony Daniels) and Artoo (performer unknown) at the wedding, a moment filmed in London and added into the movie during late post production.

Dermot Power costume design for Padme's gorgeous wedding dress.

Preparing the scene, as a local Italian extra plays the wedding overseer.

A close-in look at Anakin's robot hand.

Fun on location with producer Rick McCallum.

This is the final Twentieth Anniversary celebration article on Attack of the Clones. We hope that you've enjoyed the exhaustive coverage...

Monday 9 October 2023


The first battalions of Clone Troopers gather...

On an immense staging area on Coruscant, the legions of Clone Troopers begin boarding their massive Republic Cruisers bound for galactic conflict against the Separatists. Watching all this from afar, a core group of senators huddle around the pleased Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to watch the epic debarkation, including a clearly but silently frustrated Bail Organa, who knows that the violent troubles of the de-stabilized galaxy will only intensify...

“The Imperial March in this case is a powerful potent, suggesting a very dramatic future which is in store for all the characters in the next episode. It’s a piece of music that represents, in my mind at least, not only Darth Vader but the forces of the Empire. It was actually George’s suggestion to use it there, and I think it works extremely well.” 

John Williams on using The Imperial March theme towards the end of Episode II - Star Wars Insider - Issue 61 - 2002

Onto their cruiser transports. The Clone War has begun. 

On Coruscant, the Republic senate watches the Clones mobilization.

Palpatine and a troubled, helpless to act Bail Organa watch the proceedings.

Saturday 7 October 2023


Newly arrived at the secret hangar bay with an accompanying squad of Clone Troopers, battle-ready Padme Amidala is too late to stop the confident Count Dooku's escape from Geonosis, but not for want of trying with her assured blaster fire directed at his solar sail vehicle, which soon after arrives secretly within the hustle and bustle of Coruscant. Touching down in an antiquated building within the mysterious industry area of the planet, Dooku, in his true guise as Darth Tyranus, confidently gives his master, Darth Sidious the welcome news that the galactic war has begun.

His mission of chaos accomplished, Dooku departs Geonosis.

Concept art of the Solar Sail vessel.

Count Dooku returns secretly to Coruscant...

At the secret foundry location, Darth Sidious awaits his returned apprentice.

... to inform his master, Darth Sidious, that 'the war has begun'!

The original construction for the Solar Sail vehicle amidst the secret Separatist hangar at FOX Studios, Australia, for August 21st, 2000 filming.

Ian McDiarmid takes a break on set by the Solar Sail vehicle.