Sunday 31 July 2011


On the top deck command bridge of the immense Rebel Cruiser Home One, the skilled Mon Calamari tactician Admiral Ackbar, as voiced by the multi-talented Tim Rose, overseas the upcoming attack on the Death Star II.

Saturday 30 July 2011


Senator in hiding Padme Amidala gets to spend a little quality time in the Naboo countryside with her Jedi protector Anakin Skywalker, in a "love haiku" scene filmed in the romantic and beautiful climes of Italy. In this image, actors Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen get ready to be photographed for their 2002 published VANITY FAIR cover shoot taken by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.

For more detailed info on the EPISODE II location filming in Italy, Tunisia and Spain, check out our current AFICIONADO issue now available- THE BEST OF ISSUES 1-4.

To get it, head over here: BACK ISSUE PDF CATALOG

Friday 29 July 2011


Lonergan (Daniel Craig) and Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) escape a colossal alien explosion in COWBOYS & ALIENS. Images: PARAMOUNT/UNIVERSAL.

Note: this review contains mild spoilers.

The previous, all too few mixings of sci-fi and fantasy into the equally intriguing and atmospheric environs of the real-life period of the American West haven’t exactly hit the mark of success with worldwide audiences, the most recent example being THE WILD, WILD WEST TV series conversion, which swiftly proved to be the film that Will Smith doesn’t like to showcase on his box office success film career CV these days!, but multi-talented director Jon Favreau and his equally fine company of actors and behind the scenes dream-makers have far greater luck on their side in their own new endeavor- the enjoyable COWBOYS & ALIENS- which mixes the two worlds of low tech Humanity against high tech alien horror in a cinematic way that, for the most part, provides a good sense of fun and notable excitement.

The highly anticipated big screen combo of hero icon heavyweights Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford is already enough to guarantee the film a quite sizable quota of world cinema audiences firmly planting their butts on seats to see it this July and August, but, beyond their notable inclusion and what was likely a fun pitch made by the writers towards the studios about the project, what about the movies all-important story and characters? Well, if you’re in the right frame of mood, COWBOYS & ALIENS, despite a few clunky moments of pacing here and there, works for the majority of its two hours running time and is diverting, crowd pleasing enough adventure fare. Kudos must also go to its original comic creator, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, in that its translation to the big screen, albeit described by the filmmakers as being loosely based on the graphic novel, works as well as it does. And isn’t it amazing, after all these years post STAR WARS and ALIEN, that such a great idea like this for a film hasn’t been done before for the big screen?

Alien alarm bells ring for the captured Lonergan.

Ultimately, C & A’s plot just about manages to hold up to successful scrutiny, although I think the aliens of the title, and their reasons for being on Earth, could perhaps, like the film in general, have been further developed. One plus to them is that there’s an interesting twist/revelation which sees the creatures as being not too removed from the Human cowboys with regards to some of their personal motivations. In certain facets the film could also be seen as being like a kind of prequel to Steven Spielberg’s Executive Produced FALLING SKIES TV series, too, what with its similar type of hand held invasion scenes, gritty action and kidnapping of people (in this case children) by an alien race, whose early goals for the planet have to be determined by the brave Human resistors. Perhaps they’ll be more development of COWBOYS 1873 arrived aliens if the film makes enough money at the box office to warrant a sequel-you never know!

Despite the intriguing inter-mixing concept and the most bloodthirsty creatures to have faced the American West since Gwangi, I still don’t quite know how the film really needed five writers to work on a script which ultimately proves to be functional rather than spectacular, accompanied with dialogue that’s mostly work-man like and acceptable rather than superior. Though credit to them for some of the occasionally noteworthy and ingenious new spins on the western and sci-fi/horror genre that occur throughout the film, and in their conceiving of the obligatory stunning action set-pieces showing man versus creature, experienced film and TV veterans, and well-known geeks of all things sci-fi and fantasy, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman do a solid but ultimately not revolutionary job here in bringing the ambitious tale to life. From looking at the final movie I certainly felt the script needed a bit more of a fine tune-up in certain areas before filming. Perhaps a set in stone release date by the studios made such a thing impossible?

A new visitor arrives in Absolution!
Bringing the final script to life, Favreau clearly works hard and imbues his enthusiasm into the project, resulting in a yarn that’s certainly a more enjoyable showcase for his talents than his previous IRON MAN 2 sequel would turn out to be, which I found a bit of a mess in its middle section. Here he also pays his dues and respects to the western genre with some neat referencing to many established classics, like THE SEARCHERS and some of the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood Spaghetti tales, and keeps the movie as believable as possible as the alien terror plot line begins to lock hold of it. A strong behind the scenes team supports him in his goals, including cinematographer Matthew Libatique, whilst British Special effects maestro Roger Guyett and legendary RAIDERS Stunt-man Terry Leonard add extra bangs for your buck support as Second Unit Directors with some well staged action and effects sequences (the cgi/model effects, as usual from George Lucas’s ILM, now spread across San Francisco and Singapore, are nothing short of outstanding and exciting in places), whilst Harry Gregson-Williams provides a memorable main Western theme for the adventure.

Alien hunting: Lonergan, Dolarhyde and Ella (Olivia Wilde)

As for the costly film’s star powered lead duo, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, their casting is inspired and their performances ultimately rise above the scripted material. With his modern day world-weary looks, which still bear the occasional twinkle in the eyes, Craig remains the closest modern-day actor we have that’s the equivalent in coolness to Steve McQueen, bringing edginess and mystery to Jake Lonergan in the films early start and the expected heroism needed by its finale, in a part which, ultimately, I couldn’t really see the equally talented Robert Downey Jr.-the projects original lead choice- in at all. Craig makes the mostly silent, stereotypical Western figure of the man-with-no-name stranger an intriguing proposition once more for cinema audiences, and in the action scenes, he’s magnificent and brutally physical (skillfully re-reminding us as to why he’s such a terrific choice for James Bond in this new age of complex, flawed and fascinating heroes!), especially in the beginning, as the amnesiac form of Lonergan emerges, wandering lost in the harsh desert climes, and during the first spectacular night time attack by the aliens on the town: the moment where he fires his wrist clamped alien weapon will surely become an iconic modern cinema scene (and also be the kind of cool toy that kids of all ages would surely want to have-I can see them all running around the school playgrounds and pretending to have them on their arms facing off against invisible monsters this summer/Christmas. In general, the lack of any merchandise for this film astounds me- a shame as I can further picture in my mind kids playing with COWBOYS & ALIENS figures and accessories, especially if the movie had been made in the early to mid-seventies. Perhaps this dearth is due to Daniel Craig’s ultimately snobbish hatred of anything commercial that bears his likeness (C’mon, Daniel, back in the seventies you must have played with STAR WARS figures bearing Harrison Ford’s Han Solo face on them!). 

He's still got it! Harrison Ford impresses as Dolarhyde.

And talking of that other big star, Ford, presumably considering himself to have better luck this time in his encounters with aliens, both dramatically and action-wise, than he had in his screen-time with those pesky Crystal Skull-ians in the now likely final INDIANA JONES film, once again relishes the rare chance, for the first half of the film, to portray a baddie, this time a battle-hardened and embittered Cattle Rancher whose business empire just about keeps the small, far-off the Beaton track town of Absolution alive. An almost Ebenezer Scrooge-type with a western hat and a Colt-45, and possessing the great name of Woodrow Dolarhyde, the actors memorable first scene has him torturing one of his hands whom he thinks has been drunkenly responsible for blowing up his prized cattle, when, in actual fact, the boss should really be looking up to the skies for the real culprits…

With his constant scowl, stick in the mud mentality and despicable sway, this role of Dolarhyde would surely have been the kind of acting challenge taken up by Gene Hackman, who made great work within this type of genre for THE QUICK AND THE DEAD and UNFORGIVEN, had he not retired. In any case, Ford is totally watchable and consistently good throughout the film. Smelling the potential of a successful movie, despite early script rawness, Ford certainly makes the most of things, working well with the younger cast as their characters are soon forced into an uneasy alliance against the aliens and have to work out a way to defeat them and rescue the captured townsfolk.

Now entering the next stage of his career as a fine character actor, Ford’s instincts in noteworthy projects remain strong, and, though he may not want to make pictures like COWBOYS & ALIENS all the time, he’s smart enough to know that he has to make the occasional movie of this scale to keep his profile and box office command visible-fans still expect, and want, to see Ford, the modern day equivalent of Glenn Ford of Gary Cooper, in films/projects this big and exciting. Films that people will actually watch for a long time to come. COWBOYS & ALIENS certainly fits all these beneficial criteria for both the actor and for us.

Also most welcome is the fact that Ford is still pretty sprightly for a man of his age and, in action on and off his trusty horse, certainly shows the odd touch of his former Indiana Jones self here and there, surely much to the audiences delight. Dolarhyde has a bit of the embittered curmudgeon about him, but he soon proves a good and loyal man to have your back in battle. Together, Ford and Craig in their roles have great chemistry - though a few more scenes of them as a duo would have been much appreciated. Craig also pays welcome homage to Ford and Indy for a couple of scenes of his own, especially with regards to his hat, that are also good fun, with a kind of ingenuity and character invention that the film could, and should, have had more of…

Olivia Wilde as the mysterious Ella.

A fine, if a little underused, supporting cast backs up our heroes in the midst of the chaos. Olivia Wilde continues to build on the success she’s had as an actress with the likes of her prior work in the TV series HOUSE, and her excellent performance as Quorra in TRON: LEGACY where she completely outshone its lead star, Garrett Hedlund , and successfully held her own against a major heavy weight like Jeff Bridges. In COWBOYS she makes the most she can from the script and the camera (which really likes her), adding as much mystery and beauty that she can to the mysterious figure of Ella, and her soon to be revealed connection to Jake Lonnergan and his important backstory linked to the aliens. Female audiences will get their obligatory thrill at seeing a shirtless Daniel Craig at one point, but those hoping that he and the lovely Miss Wilde will get it on and have some lust in the dust will be disappointed-there’s just the briefest of wet clothed flirtation/audience titillation before the next phase of the plot-the action showdown- kicks in.

Dolarhyde and Doc (Sam Rockwell) observe the drama.

Additionally, Sam Rockwell brings crowd-pleasing depth to what is an essentially underwritten role as Bartender turned resistance fighter, Doc (though one fun scene between him and Ford, seen in early trailers, is surprisingly not in the finished film). THE SHIELD’s TV breakout Walton Goggins is also fun as a shady character, Hunt, whose allegiances go whichever side the wind is more favourable. Other fine character acting support is less developed and more stereotyped as the film goes on, though the ever reliable Keith Carradine (as Sheriff Taggart), Clancy Brown (as town priest Meacham) and Adam Beach (as Dolarhyde’s American Indian colleague Nat Colorado) always bring integrity to whatever roles they inhabit, and certainly possess the required American West period battered and every line tells a story look about their withered faces…

Oh, and there’s a cute dog in it, too. Aw, bless…

Representing Humanity’s gruesome opponents, its getting more and more difficult to create scary and unique monsters, but these hybrid ALIEN/PREDATOR’ish creatures have a good look about them, and there’s some fun build-up moments and audience chills, as Favreau uses all the tricks of the trade, and some good “steals” from past film-masters like Ridley Scott and buddy Steven Spielberg, to build tension in bringing the nasty alien beasties to CGI reality. Their half hour into the film first appearance is nothing short of superb and well realized in the best WAR OF THE WORLDS tradition, as alien lasso protuberances bear down from the sky to pluck up the innocent townsfolk of Absolution (as well as the not too innocent figure of Dolarhyde’s two pieces short of a full loaf son, Percy, played by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE’s Paul Dano).

Daniel Craig and director Jon Favreau enjoy a little on location target practice choreography.

With our players making their way to an explosive final confrontation in the Arizona desert, which satisfyingly wraps things up but also leaves a few plot threads dangling for a possible future continuation, my ultimate summary on COWBOYS & ALIENS: well, okay, I can’t say that its as fully developed as I’d hoped it would be, but the core central idea of the film proves strong, it has a beginning, a middle and an end (which really means a lot these days, believe me!), and the cast are great. Despite some poor criticisms from my American press counter-parts, the film ultimately makes no pretensions about what it is and what its overall intentions are: namely, to provide family audiences with an enjoyable Summer blockbuster that’s a cut above the norm and full of thrills, spills, creepy horror (the effective scenes showing the Zombie-fied towns peoples may scare the little ones a bit!) and fast-paced, gritty action. In all these respects, COWBOYS & ALIENS, possibly the start of a whole new intriguing era of sub-genre mixing, delivers the goods.

COWBOYS & ALIENS is now playing in the US and in the UK from August 17th.


Thursday 28 July 2011


Harrison Ford, wearing his best COWBOYS & ALIENS promotional hat, was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show in the US last night and had a fun comedy sequence where he's re-united with his old Wookiee buddy, Chewbacca. Alas, the iconic expected meeting does not go as expected- "I'm done with that STAR WARS crap!"- in this fun skit directed by Jon Favreau.

Watch out, Daniel Craig, you're Ford's "Wookiee Bitch" now!

Here's the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY link: Harrison Ford fights with Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel | Inside TV |

Jimmy Kimmel, Chewbacca and Harrison say "Cheese!" Image: Randy Holmes/ABC TV.

Wednesday 27 July 2011


The Blu-ray announcement has come!

Everybody's probably already seen it, but I'm a completist when it comes to providing as much info as I can on the upcoming Blu-rays. Here's the link to the new STAR WARS BLU-RAY web site area on the official site: | The Complete Saga on Blue-ray

The front and back holders for the unique cell packaging.

In the UK, fans who pre-order THE COMPLETE SAGA will receive their very own limited edition STAR WARS film cell.The Star Wars Sentiype™ contains a unique 35mm film frame reproduced from the original film footage using state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques. The film frame is mounted and features original artwork from the Star Wars Blu-ray collection. Each senitype™ is numbered for authenticity.

The Senitype is only available to those that Pre-Order The Complete Saga on Blu-ray.  One limited edition Star Wars Senitype™  will be sent to all persons that have already pre-ordered The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. 
The overall packaging for the British Blu-ray COMPLETE SAGA disc releases.

The Limited Edition Star Wars® Sentiype™ is available whilst stocks last from UK dealers: AmazonPlayHMVThe Hut and Tesco  

There's more STAR WARS related Blu-ray treats coming up for fans at the EMPIRE film magazine's event packed, star-studded extravaganza at the London 02 Arena-BIG SCREEN-taking place on the 12th-14th August. They'll be a big preview of THE COMPLETE SAGA discs, with on stage guest commentary from some of the key ILM team members involved in the films making and transfer to Blu-ray, plus a Jedi/Lightsaber Academy for the kids and families to indulge in, and an opportunity to have pictures taken on a popular STAR WARS set recreation. COWBOYS & ALIENS, starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, will also be getting an advance UK screening, too! What's not to like!

Find out more about BIG SCREEN here: A Celebration of Film, A Feast for Fans Everywhere - The Live Movie Event | Empire Big Screen

Saturday 23 July 2011


There's still a few great leading actors out there, as exemplified with the terrific cover of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford together for the brand new COWBOYS & ALIENS themed issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine, out now on news-stands in the US. The film receives its world premiere at the San Diego COMIC CON this weekend, and we wish everybody on the cast and crew of the film all the best of success for what looks set to be a box-office dazzler!

Check out some more coverage on the film here: Jon Favreau: The Cowboys & Aliens Interviews: The Last Draft

The cast talk about the making of the film, first reactions to the script, and the project's unique blend of western and sci-fi: Harrison Ford's 1st reaction to Cowboys script? 'I don't get it.' | Blastr

Friday 22 July 2011


A Treadwell droid watches Luke as he looks to the heavens in a classic deleted scene from STAR WARS.

Finally, LUCASFILM opens the vaults and shows us some of the Classic Trilogy Deleted Scenes goodies coming up on Blu-ray, and they're all the ones we want to see, as witnessed in this trailer: | Comic-Con 2011 Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Teaser

Artoo escapes a carnage wielding Wampa in the caverns of Echo Base in EMPIRE.
Luke looks at the space battle overhead in STAR WARS.
Lando helps an injured Chewbacca to the Falcon in JEDI's famous Sandstorm sequence.
A shot of the Millennium Falcon and Princess Leia's Y-wing on Tatooine.
Luke conceals the damage to his mechanical hand in JEDI...
Luke makes his way to his X-wing during the Sandstorm.
A Mon Calamari pilot joins the Death Star II battle in JEDI
General Solo and his team come under Imperial attack in JEDI
The Bunker battle continues...

Thursday 21 July 2011


Deadlier than the male? The first on-screen appearance of a female Mandalorian warrior in THE CLONE WARS.

Those exclusives gathering people over at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY have got one of the first major scoops of Season Four of THE CLONE WARS, as the series sees the return of Season Three Separatist character Lux- now a fugitive and a potential love interest for Ahsoka (will this lead to the same kind of attachment problems for her as Anakin is having?)- and, even more intriguingly, the first look at a Death Watch Mandalorian lady warrior, as voiced by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's modern gal Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff. Another fantasy female joins the STAR WARS ranks, and I think Ashley Eckstein's HER UNIVERSE business will be doing very well on the merchandising front once she debuts!

Check out the clip (which uses John Williams music from EPISODE II) here:
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' first look: Katee Sackhoff's a Mandalorian warrior! | Inside TV |

Wednesday 20 July 2011


The towering figure of Liam Neeson stands near STAR WARS film visionary George Lucas: the pair taking a break from the sun whilst on location in Tunisia for the exterior Tatooine filming of EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE.


Telling Marion and Sallah, "I'm making it up as I go!", nothing, not even overwhelming Nazi forces and firepower, can stop Indiana Jones from commandeering a horse and going in pursuit of the truck carrying the Ark of the Covenant.

Ballsy, and then some!

Sunday 17 July 2011


Debbie (Candy Clark) and Terry the Toad (Charles Martin Smith) await the new AMERICAN GRAFFITI Blu-ray! Image: UNIVERSAL.

George Lucas's seminal film tribute to his Modesto youth, of girls, cars and music - AMERICAN GRAFFITI - has finally arrived on US Blu-ray and the review verdicts for it are very good.

Check out this review here from the popular BLU-RAY.COM site: American Graffiti Blu-ray

The US release is apparently region-free, so an official UK version of the movie is unlikely.

UPDATE 5/8/2011: My good buddy Chris Baker has let me know of this terrific blog site totally dedicated to the film from super-fan Jeff Hamrick. Check it out here:

Saturday 16 July 2011


Wearing, in my opinion, the best costume and helmet, from the original STAR WARS, the menacing, lightsaber holding dark vision that is Darth Vader (presumably inhabited by US Don Post employee/ Vader stand-in Kermit Eller?) poses for a promotional image for the LUCASFILM/FOX publicity machine, sometime during 1977-1978.

Friday 15 July 2011


A posse of Imperial Snowtroopers assemble inside the abandoned Echo Base in this atmospheric behind the scenes image from April 1979, on the ELSTREE STUDIOS set of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.


Indy goes Warhol on the cover of the UK SHORTLIST magazine!

The latest edition of the free UK men's lifestyle magazine SHORTLIST has a great cover and special, picture packed feature celebrating the birth of Indiana Jones and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK's Thirtieth Anniversary.

Check it out on their online site here: Indy turns 30 / Films / ShortList Magazine

Thursday 14 July 2011


Starring in this cool retro poster art, Daniel Craig leads the charge against alien aggressors in the upcoming COWBOYS & ALIENS. Images: PARAMOUNT UK.

It's time to load those pistols, saddle up your fastest horse and get ready for action Way Out West as the dream film-making trio of Jon Favreau, Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard gather their imaginations and predilections for all things cool in concepts and movies and team up with the equally iconic on-screen pairing of youth and experience-Daniel Craig (swapping his James Bond using Walther PPK for the most futuristic and alien tech device yet!) and Box Office Champ and film legend Harrison Ford (who keeps a similar character defining hat to the likes he wore for INDIANA JONES, but changes his bull-whip for a rifle instead)- for the ultimate tale of heroism against the unfamiliar. The "unfamiliar" being a hidden agenda carrying horde of alien menaces from beyond our planet, whose bio-technological ships and advanced weaponry hurtle through the western frontier of Arizona in search of Human prey in the epic motion picture COWBOYS & ALIENS, based on the acclaimed graphic novel written by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and hitting the big screens of the US from 29th July and in the UK from 19th August.

A savage attack on the residents of the town called Absolution!
Harrison Ford plays mean old Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde. He always gets his man! Or Alien!
The lovely Olivia Wilde as heroine Ella. 

With a terrific ensemble cast who look tailor made for the cross-genre dramatic and physical conflicts, including the lovely Olivia Wilde (enjoying the crest of the wave of acting success with her super performance in TRON: LEGACY, as well as regular popular appearances in the hit NBC UNIVERSAL series HOUSE) as the mysterious Ella, who may also have a past connection with love interest Craig (playing the amnesiac fugitive soon on a quest of re-discovery, Jake Lonergan), plus the always consistently excellent Keith Carradine as Sheriff Taggart, the deep voiced, perfect for gritty westerns face of Clancy Brown as Meacham, and the always quirky Sam Rockwell as Ford's associate, Doc, this is one tale of alien invasion and excitement that's guaranteed to deliver all the hotly anticipated thrills, spills and blockbuster entertainment you can hope for, against a realistic and uncliched 19th century western back drop that keep its own highly successful dramatic and visual ingredient, plus its all-important integrity- intact amongst the spectacular fireworks!

Fight back-a daytime air/ground battle ensues...

Head over to the official web site at: Cowboys & Aliens Movie | Official Site for the Cowboys & Aliens Film | In Theaters July 29, 2011

Check out our earlier blogs on the exciting movie here:


What will Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) bring to the fight against the not from this Earth menace?

Check out this great behind the scenes interviews/footage here and clips here: Cowboys & Aliens: Clip And Featurette | Sci-Fi News | SFX

A tense moment for Jake Lonergan and Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde, here: Ford and Craig beat each other up in 1st Cowboys & Aliens clip | Blastr

Harrison Ford, playing the determined Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde in the film, and director Jon Favreau share their enthusiasm and sense of humour for the making of the epic film in this series of seven enjoyable interview clips, which can be found here: Jon Favreau: "If I Die, You Die": The Cowboys & Aliens Interviews: Harrison Ford

The terrific 2011 worldwide release poster for COWBOYS & ALIENS.
Look out for our review in the not too distant future...


With the Jedi fire extinguished from the galaxy, the first Galactic Empire is now fully established, as its newly crowned Emperor makes his first speech to the galaxy's now leashed and controlled leaders. Deformed and more evil than ever, he declares his intentions for a "safe and secure" society...

Wednesday 13 July 2011


Back in his regular job as University Professor, Indiana Jones and his loyal friend and boss, Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliot), consult with two members of US Military intelligence- Colonel Musgrove (Don Fellows) and Major Eaton (STAR WARS William Hootkins)- about the Nazi's involvement with their old friend Abner Ravenwood, and his mysterious Staff of Ra...


Feisty heroine Princess Leia finds herself in a tough spot with some Imperial Stormtroopers in this specially posed publicity image for Carrie Fisher from 1979 (probably April, during the first batch of filming of Bespin scenes) for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

For more info on the making of the classic film, check out our comprehensive Behind the Scenes issues from 2006 and 2010, containing much behind the scenes information not available within the pages of the recent Rinzler book.

2010 ESB Behind the Scenes companion.
Exhaustive Making of ESB Special Issue from 2006.

Tuesday 12 July 2011


The gang's all here for IT'S A TRAP. Images: FOX

Having made its previous successful appearance on DVD and Blu-ray at the end of last year, the final STAR WARS homage by the FAMILY GUY team-IT'S A TRAP!-makes its way onto exclusive terrestrial viewing on the UK's BBC THREE and BBC HD channel this Sunday at 10pm. Also that evening, BBC 3 will be showing the previous two specials - BLUE HARVEST and SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARK SIDE- for further Seth MacFarlane created viewing delight...

Escaping the Sail Barge!

Now c'mon FOX and LUCASFILM, release some STAR WARS FAMILY GUY action figures!

Looks like Luke will never be able to escape this particular version of Obi-Wan Kenobi!

The entire trio of FAMILY GUY STAR WARS adventures are also available separately and in box set special edition Blu-ray and DVD form from FOX Home Entertainment.