Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Artoo Detoo sees the oncoming rush of water that soon envelopes and near sinks Luke's X-wing fighter but is all too late to warn his human friend. Spurred on by Yoda, a frustrated Luke attempts to use the Force within him to raise his craft from the bog but ultimately lacks the true faith to be successful, much to his Master's sad disappointment.

Bad news for a frustrated Luke.

Unused alternate angle of the classic 'size matters not' scene.

Luke attempts to lift the X-wing in this alternate take moment.

Monday, 12 April 2021


Luke's training in the ways of the Force continues to reach new heights of ability under the tutelage of Jedi Master Yoda, but the boy will soon be distracted by urgent news from Artoo, reporting the rapid sinking of their X-wing fighter...

Sunday, 11 April 2021


The ultimate Star Wars heroine returns in this memorable digitally-enhanced key art for The Force Awakens.

The galaxy is in building crisis once again, its New Republic struggling to cope, of which only the strength, wisdom and continued leadership of General Leia Organa can prevail as she rallies friends old and new to her cause - the new Resistance - against the emergent threat of the building-in-military strength First Order, coming in from the Unknown Regions.

A terrific and iconic publicity shot of Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa, from The Force Awakens, used as important character key art for the film and signifying the return of the Classic Trilogy's most popular heroes.

Original stills image.

Saturday, 10 April 2021


Having met their friend Sallah and discussed the Nazis nearby archaeological dig search for the Lost Ark, Indy and Marion's at first pleasant trip to the local Cairo market ultimately turns into a comedic/dramatic fight for survival, of which Marion is soon presumed dead after an incident involving an explosives- filled truck.

Still one of the best action sequences of not just Raiders of the Lost Ark but also the Indiana Jones saga, as Indy uses his trademark bullwhip to superb effect on his attackers, in a sequence heightened by great stunt choreography mixing thrills with humour, and great music from John Williams.

The complete Indiana Jones series (so far) comes to 4K box set this June, 2021:

Exclusive UK release details here;


Zavvi exclusive UK disc set release.

Main release packaging/details.

Friday, 9 April 2021


Using an old smuggler's trick, Han Solo has achieved the impossible: literally disappearing the Millennium Falcon in plain sight right under the Imperial Death Fleet's noses, and now has to plan an unceremonious way of escape in order to find a new safe port.


The miniature Falcon model on the massive Imperial tower head.

Thursday, 8 April 2021


Out of the asteroid field, the Star Destroyer Avenger, commanded by the eager Captain Needa, has the Millennium Falcon in its grasp, until it decides to turn around and head towards them at ramming speed, before ultimately disappearing off Imperial bridge sensor scopes. A mystery indeed for the dutiful (and soon doomed) commanding officer, especially when Darth Vader's pursuit enquiry communications demand updating...

Great angle from the pit area of the uncompleted set. The computer consoles would be sold off after re-use filming of Return of the Jedi and appear as set dressings in numerous episodes of Doctor Who.

With added matte painting ceiling and windows fill-in.

ILM storyboard of the Falcon flying over the Star Destroyer bridge and disappearing.

Ultimately bored by his time filming, and just another job amongst many in his varied career, British actor Michael Culver poses for a publicity image.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Still avoiding Imperial pursuits in and out of the asteroid field.

The space slug escape has now seen the Falcon back in the targeting scopes of the Empire, as the Star Destroyer Avenger gives chase. The hyperdrive should be fixed but soon proves to be malfunctioning again, to the chagrin of Han Solo and the anger of Chewbacca.

"It's not fair..."

A selection of behind the scenes shots from the continued filming of cockpit scenes set in the cramped Falcon set at Elstree.

The expanded but still cramped Falcon cockpit pit set at Elstree, atop a raised platform for camera access.

A great image of a pensive Leia, later used by artist Al Williamson in the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film, during the asteroid cave entry scene.

Anthony Daniels in the cockpit for a rehearsal.

A penny for her thoughts?

"You don't know what it's like being stuck in there, they get you up in the cockpit and you can't get out. You're surrounded by blue screens, lights, Vista Vision cameras, lots of trucks and the whole bit. It starts getting on people's nerves. Peter and Tony are two guys working in costumes that are really hot and uncomfortable. I was on the Swamp Planet set and decided to walk over to their sound stage. You could feel the tension as you walked on the set. You could cut it with a knife. Tony's all upset because he's not going to put his headpiece on until Carrie gets her last little hair in place because he knows when they say, We're ready, Carrie, It's going to take her ten minutes to get up into the spot and get everything going. Darn it, I missed it. But another time Harrison went berserk and took a saw and started sawing the Falcon!. Harrison just went, 'That's it'. and started sawing. The Millennium Falcon is made out of wood. It looks like metal the way they paint it up. It looks real nice. Everyone was saying, 'You tell him to stop. No, you tell him. I'm not going to tell him. Excuse me, Mr.Ford, will you stop destroying our set?' I missed that day. I heard it was great."

Mark Hamill recalls the woes of filming on the Falcon cockpit set to Questor magazine - August 1980

Fisher and Daniels once again have fun behind the scenes.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


Darth Vader gives his instructions to the collected Bounty Hunters in searching for the elusive Millennium Falcon, but soon turns his specific notice to the infamous Boba Fett, warning him he wants the captured ship's occupants alive - 'No disintegrations!'

Filmed in early April 1979, great care was taken by Irvin Kershner and producer Gary Kurtz to get the visual look and menacing aura of new villain Boba Fett right for the sequence on the Star Destroyer bridge. Respected US film/TV character actor Jason Woodgreen would later provide the unique and truly slimy voice of Fett in Empire for several memorable lines during the film's American-based post production dubbing phase, and paid a minimal fee for his contribution- no one knew how successful the character of Fett was going to be in the days before release!

A selection of various behind the scenes filming images.

Unused shots showing Vader arriving to inspect the assembled Bounty Hunters.

Monday, 5 April 2021


Vader confers with his guard over the assembled bounty hunters in a deleted moment. Image: Kurtz/Joiner Archive.

The word has been put out by Darth Vader, alongside a substantial reward offered by the Empire, to the galaxy's greatest and most formidable bounty hunters to search for the Millennium Falcon and capture its passengers wherever they may be hiding. The roll call of nasties being the humanoid Dengar (played by British stand-in/wrestler Moray Bush), the droids IG-88 (a prop operated by Bill Hargreaves) and 4-Lom (Chris Parsons, once again inside a droid costume), insectoid Zuckuss (petite actress Cathy Munroe), reptilian Bossk (actor/stand-in Alan Harris), and the most well known and lethal of the assembled cadre, the esteemed and ultra-reliable Boba Fett (as played by Jeremy Bulloch).

Filmed in April, 1979, of which the bounty hunters wore costumes cheaply culled and revised from existing stock, with additional masks created by Stuart Freeborn and his team for 4-Lom and Zuckuss (the latter originally called 'Tuckuss' at one point), the sequence has since become a legendary and beloved moment for fans, who, even back with the film's original 1980 release, were intrigued to learn more about this gruesome collection of characters.

A selection of posed images from the filming...

Sunday, 4 April 2021


He's safely delivered the baby Luke Skywalker into the protection of the kind and caring hands of Beru Lars and her husband Owen at their homestead on Tatooine, now former Jedi-in-hiding Obi-Wan Kenobi must get used to his life of wilderness self-exile until the time is right for him to aid the newly formed Rebel Alliance against the Empire. A great image of Ewan McGregor, giving his best referencing of Alec Guinness's interpretation of the character, at the end of EPISODE III.

McGregor's new special event mini series of Star Wars - Obi-Wan Kenobi, directed by Deborah Chow and exclusively airing likely next year on Disney+, is gathering intriguing filming momentum, of which the assembled supporting cast alongside the lead star looks a winner. Also, enjoy the clever referencing of Tatooine's environs and the Jedi lightsaber within the series logo, too.

News: https://www.indiewire.com/gallery/obi-wan-kenobi-series-cast-plot-disney-plus/