Friday 30 June 2023


Image: Disney+

Protecting the vulnerable Mon Mothma, a fugitive now pursued by Imperial forces, Ezra Bridger proves his worth as a skilled Rebel Y-wing fighter pilot, as he and the rest of Gold Squadron fight off a score of TIE fighters and several Star Destroyers during the tense and exciting events of the space battle action-packed Season Three episode, Secret Cargo.

Wednesday 28 June 2023


As the revelations of how young Jedi Grogu managed to escape the slaughter of Order 66 on Coruscant are slowly beginning to be revealed within The Mandalorian, who better to be his original saviour and protector, and sending fans crazy with happiness both on and off screen with his return in such a great role, than Ahmed Best, totally slaying it in his performance as the esteemed and powerful Jedi Master Kelleran Beq, during the highly satisfying and exciting flashback events witnessed in the third season episode, The Foundling.

 We look forward to seeing more of Kelleran Beq in not just The Mandalorian but hopefully other aspects of the franchise's evolving live-action/animated lore.

Monday 26 June 2023


He may have been captured and restrained by the First Order on Pasaana, but that isn't going to let the mighty Chewbacca let rip against his loathsome enemy General Hux, in this priceless moment from The Rise of Skywalker, though its a shame that our Wookiee hero's painful reuniting with the former Ben Solo on the First Order Star Destroyer was cut. There is, however, a brief moment linked to it within the Michael Kogge-written junior edition film novelisation.

Saturday 24 June 2023


The definition of a survivor, having endured such prior bad luck and hardship in her early life amongst the slave scavengers of Corellia, the resourceful Qi'Ra, as of the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story, was seen becoming one of the most powerful crime bosses in the galaxy via the Crimson Dawn cartel. And that makes her more dangerous and unpredictable than ever, despite her deep affection for former lover, Han Solo...

Acclaimed author E.K. Johnston, adept at developing popular Star Wars franchise heroines within all-new canon-related adventures, looks set to deliver another acclaimed winner with her take on Qi'ra, as Crimson Climb comes to Disney Books (US hardback) later in the year (October 2023)...

Rise to power, rise to control...

Thursday 22 June 2023


He's either brave or insane. Whatever his First Order enemies think at that present time, the Resistance's boldest and most passionate fighter pilot Poe Dameon plans to make an impact (literally) against the huge and powerful forces that have arrived in the D'Qar system and now plan to level his fellow freedom fighters into extinction.

A memorable moment launching The Last Jedi.

Tuesday 20 June 2023


No sign of any train at this site!

A busy hub for Docklands commuters, the Canary Wharf London Underground station's modern, high-tech environs would also make for an excellent addition to the Star Wars universe in its second 'fantasy life' as an Imperial communications base on the jungle world of Scarif. A dream come true location to film in (under swift top secret conditions) for director Gareth Edwards back in 2015, for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story....

In between takes for Alan Tudyk, Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, during the filming of the ultimately deleted scene escape from the base.

A happy Gareth Edwards awaits the next phase of quick filming on site, alongside Alan Tudyk.

The Stormtroopers other Imperials get ready.

Rogue One: How Star Wars Filmed in Public Without Anyone Noticing

I see that Mister Edwards has even managed to sneak in some more Canary Wharf filming with his all-new upcoming sci-fi/action epic from Fox, The Creator, which looks like an exciting blockbuster this September, 2023.

Sunday 18 June 2023


Ever-adaptable to the harsh life and times of living on the remote desert world of Jakku, the solitary but resilient Rey collects her latest stash acquired from the wreck of fallen Imperial Star Destroyers, within a terrific opening introduction to Daisy Ridley's character from The Force Awakens.

Speeding back to Niima Outpost.

Friday 16 June 2023


With the news from the Supreme Chancellor indicating General Grievous's hideout planet location, Anakin Skywalker liaises with the Jedi Council, hoping to personally lead the final spectacular battle against the cowardly villain. But the fallout from his Jedi leaders' ultimate decision-making soon builds further animosity towards them in Anakin's heart and mind-set, in another important moment from EPISODE III

Thursday 15 June 2023


The scary visage of Bib Fortuna arrives to, at first, make a friendly interrogation of the newly arrived droids.

At first playful with Artoo, then aggressive with the little droid's clear stubbornness to talk, Bib Fortuna leads the droid pair through the dark passages of the palace towards Jabba's Throne Room.

Fresh from gory make-up work on such British horror films as American Werewolf in London and the eventually released Michael Mann cult classic The Keep, young actor Michael Carter was cast to play Jabba's unique 'Major Domo', his head encased within a challenging prosthetic that would be brought to life by the very young and talented make-up technician Nick Dudman at Elstree Studios.

For the next five weeks of mid-January onwards filming (also quoted in some sources as being eight weeks), Michael Carter would be in the make-up room daily to become Bib Fortuna. The actor’s routine would be to go into the studio early, have a cup of coffee, have his eyes examined by the studio’s resident optician (who, funnily enough, was called Richard Glass!) prior to his wearing red
contact lenses over his eyeballs. Then, a lengthy sit in a dentist's chair whilst Nick Dudman starts to apply the make-up. The period it takes to put on the appliances would be timed every day. By the last day of the shoot, Dudman had streamlined the make up appliances process down to 58 minutes. Removing the make-up takes a further 25 minutes. 

With the make-up and costume, Carter recalled the transformation into an alien to Star Wars Insider: “Once I got it all on and looked in the mirror it had an immediate effect. Those red, glowing eyes. It had a feminine look, I think. I would wait until the make-up was on and then kind of meditate for a moment. The make-up dictates your performance.” To help himself develop a precise style for Fortuna, Michael actually found it useful to try to actually think like the character. “I don’t think Bib Fortuna was particularly evil. I felt he was someone who knew that he could never be number one, but was very attracted to the idea of power. He obeyed Jabba the Hutt and felt a kindred spirit with the great slug.”

Fortuna is soon angry with Artoo's stubbornness to deliver his message to Jabba personally.

Recalling his first days of filming, Carter would tell EMPIRE film magazine: “The first line (in the Huttese language created for the film) I had was, “Die wanna wanga.” But I had my contact lenses in, so they nailed a piece of wood to the floor-when my foot hit it, I knew I was in the right position. But I hit it too hard and so as I fell I shouted, “Te wanna wangaaaa!”

Various behind the scenes images.

A very Ray Harryhausen-esque early full length maquette idea for Fortuna, and the familiar figure we'd soon see onscreen.

The approved maquette for Fortuna.

Late 1981 at London's Elstree Studio, and Nick Dudman creates a head sculpt based on the approved ILM maquette of Bib Fortuna.

Michael Carter in 1981.

Putting the heavy head and protuberances on Michael Carter first.

As seen in The Making of The Return of the Jedi book from 1984. Image: via Star Wars Archives website.

A long time in the make-up chair.

Putting on the facial layerings.

Nearing the final look.

January 1982 on set posed make-up/costume reference images.

Continuity Polaroid by Pamela Mann.

Wednesday 14 June 2023


The shield door to Jabba's palace has opened and a bold Artoo has trundled forward only to be barred by the intimidating shape of bulky Gamorrean Guards. Soon enough, the Astro Droid and Threepio encounter Jabba's 'Major Domo' in the Twi'lek Bib Fortuna, soon wanting the truth about the droids unusual visit.

A gorgeous scene production painting by Ralph McQuarrie that was effectively used as early publicity for the then Revenge of the Jedi back in late 1982, appearing in numerous sci-fi film mags of the time keen to publicize the eagerly-awaited film.

The sequence as captured in Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon's MARVEL comics adaptation of the film in 1983.

Early concept art for Bib Fortuna by McQuarrie.

Another McQuarrie idea.

Art by Nilo Rodis-Jamero.

Final locked in design by Phil Tippett. Art by Nilo Rodis-Jamero.

Monday 12 June 2023


The tide of war is no longer in the good fortune of a seemingly surprised Count Dooku and the Geonosians as their forces retreat from the experience and tactics of the surviving Jedi and thousands of accompanying Clone Troopers. As the slimy Poggle the Lesser orders full retreat into the planet's deep catacombs, Count Dooku also makes departure preparations, but not before being given the top secret plans to the new battle station that will be secretly built by the Separatists, then later 'acquired' for the Galactic Empire: the Death Star!

A hive of activity in the war room.

Dooku is seemingly surprised by the huge number of Republic forces on Geonosis.

Poggle the Lesser entrusts the secret plans to Count Dooku...

... for relaying on to the even safer hands of Dooku's 'Master'.

Saturday 10 June 2023


That cranky but reliable Millennium Falcon never seems to get a break from being pursued by swarms of deadly TIE fighters, as seen in this lovely merchandising art of a few years back promoting the iconic vehicles seen in the Original Trilogy, and especially those seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

If anyone knows the artist/s of this gorgeous art series, please get in touch.

Thursday 8 June 2023


Looking beyond the emotional goodbye of his mother at Mos Espa, young Anakin Skywalker begins his journey to destiny as a Jedi, rushing across the desert alongside Qui-Gon Jinn to their awaiting, nearby Naboo Royal starship. But danger will soon strike...

A classic image of Jake Lloyd as young Anakin Skywalker that was a popular publicity image for EPISODE I

Tuesday 6 June 2023


Abandoning his X-wing fighter's computer-controlled targeting computer and acting purely on his instincts and the power of the Force within him, Luke successfully launches his proton torpedos into the Death Star thermal exhaust under port, setting off a chain reaction stellar explosion of the dreaded space station. Its destruction proves a savage blow for the Empire, of which galactic freedom has been won by the Rebel Alliance. Luke and his surviving fighter pilot colleagues, plus the to-the-rescue Millennium Falcon, head back to Yavin IV to celebrate their incredible victory... 


Joe Johnston storyboard of the classic moment.

Steve Gawley at work on the Thermal Exhaust Port surface model.

The highly detailed model with previous unsuccessful rebel torpedo impact adjacent to the entry port.

An ILM hand at work!

Paul Huston and Joe Johnston add details work to the model.

On screen, Luke's skill in the Force pays off as the Death Star is destroyed!

A spectacular explosion filmed by ILM at high speed and slowed down in post production for more on-screen impact.