Thursday, 12 June 2014


Simon Pegg: Has the Bantha poo-doo hit the fan!

Just when I was really getting to enjoy all the right and wonderful decisions being made about EPISODE VII, along comes this shocking rumour now likely fact. Its the moment which I and many other SW fans had been worried about for some time...

Jedi News - Latest: RUMOR: Simon Pegg Cast For Episode VII "Secret Role"?

If he is indeed in the new film/s, its a serious slap in the face to many devoted fans of the Classic Trilogy SPECIAL EDITIONS and the three massively under-appreciated Prequels, of which Pegg has been aggressively vocal these past seventeen years. Let's not forget some of his memorably negative things which I'm happy to provide links to - these "gems" of derogatory "wisdom" - he's spouted about them, and creator George Lucas, over the years...

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"Shitty", "clueless", and "a fucking shame" - Simon Pegg on the 2011 Blu-rays, from The Daily Dot website, 2011

Of course, Mister Pegg is fully entitled to his opinions, its a free country, but if he felt that bad about the current state of STAR WARS, someone of his media influence should have had the wisdom to send back the free copy/"care package" of the 2004 DVD set sent by LUCASFILM, turned down the likely later 2011 sent Blu-ray sets, too, and should have politely declined Dave Filoni's ultimately poor and controversial decision in offering him the voice over work of Dengar in THE CLONE WARS animated series- which, for an actor (well Pegg's supposed to be an actor), turned out for many to be a pretty weak vocal performance and an overall ruination of that popular character's bounty hunter mystique.

J.J. Abrams obviously likes the British nerd-ness of Simon Pegg, who is a talent within his own original material (like SPACED, SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ), and surely sees in him some kind of relatable kindred spirit whom he can identify with and have lots of laughs on and off set. But its no laugh to the insulted worldwide STAR WARS fan base- this likely latest addition to the cast is a pretty unpalatable one, is a potentially huge disappointment (especially with Pegg's prior re-imagined TREK connections (there's a big difference between an actor and a directors participation), which we hoped he would sensibly not clash with) and likely cause quite a negative feedback wave in some quarters leading up to December 2015...

One final question: If I slag off the Prequels and George Lucas, do you think someone at LUCASFILM might hire me for a job on the Sequels or Spin-offs? It seems to have worked for Spin-off movie writer Gary Whitta, and now likely Simon Pegg. Is it that easy?


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking moron.

Dennis said...

Well said.

Unknown said...

I dunno', maybe it represents some kind of "d├ętente" in the schism that's formed in Star Wars fandom. He still comes off as a wanker building up his "geek-cred" to angle position.

Anonymous said...

I think you've completely missed Simon Peggs' angle with Star Wars. He loved the original episodes so much, that to see Mr Lucas fuck it up with his completely fucked up remastered "reimagined" abortion, then making that fucked (not underated as you put it), just plain Fucked prequels, was too much to bear.

I think your on your own when you assert that Simon Pegg being cast in Star Wars is a slap in the face to the fans. George Lucas fucking with Star Wars is a much bigger slap in the face to the fans!!!!

Wake up pal!

aficionadofan said...

To Anonymous from 15.05pm

Thanks for the comment. I haven't missed Pegg's angle on SW. His passion for the Classic Trilogy in its unaltered state is fine and dandy. He's entitled to his opinions but the level of arrogance he shows, primarily because he can get away with it being in showbiz, is just plain irritating. His "Muppet" comment about Lucas from 2011 was just damned insulting and undeserving-he should know better and, as a film-maker himself, respect Lucas even if he doesn't agree with his work, opinions and creative decisions since 1997. In my book, if you insult Lucasfilm and Lucas as a person and through the films in an unprofessional manner then you have an obligation not to be a hypocrite, a factor that Pegg has quite clearly demonstrated, especially with his THE CLONE WARS voice over appearance a couple of years back. He even went to a sneak peek UK invitation to EPISODE II back in 2002-I know this as I was there a few rows back! And even though he had unashamedly bashed EPISODE I! He didn't turn down the free invite, did he?! IMHO, there are also far better and worthier British and American actors out there who could appear in the next STAR WARS saga, cameo or not, than Pegg, who shouldn't get by just because he's mates with J.J. or whomever... That's my opinion, and wake up yourself, PAL!

Anonymous said...

You assertion that the prequels were "underrated" is way off the mark!!

The great bulk of Star War fans hated them with a passion!

If you can't tell the difference between shit from clay, then your not much of a Star Wars fan.

aficionadofan said...

To Anonymous 17.38

Not much of a STAR WARS fan, hah, don't make me laugh. Is that the best you can do?!

The STAR WARS Prequels combined made nearly $3 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Not bad for a film series everyone hated. The cross section of people I've met, as a fan since the beginning- December 1977 in the UK if you want to know- have been wide and far, and they've all got opinions on STAR WARS, but most of them have liked the Prequels or, if not totally, then at least some elements from them. What's wrong with that?! Over the last ten years at US, UK and European conventions, fan days and via social media there have been Prequel enjoyers who've liked those films, either apart from the Classic Trilogy or celebrating the joys of both. From ages of 7 to 50. Lazy journalists have endorsed the myth that the vast majority of fans hate the Prequels. I'd say its around the thirty percent mark. Sorry bud, but the Prequels, whether you like them or not, are here to stay. STAR WARS AFICIONADO celebrates all of the best and brightest points of the STAR WARS films: OUT, SE, PT and beyond, and if you don't like that, and don't think I'm much of a STAR WARS fan, why in heck are you doing reading the site!

Anonymous said...

To bring some balance to this lively "debate" I'd like to say that yes, the prequels aren't as top draw as the originals but they're good for a laugh or funny rant. That's why the petulant ranting of Tim (Pegg) worked so well as comedy in Spaced. He's meant to he a petty prick, which most of us sci-fi and movie fans are, myself included. I agree also that there are limits to Pegg's wonderful talents and he can be quite hypocritical. I'm not a big fan of his campy version of Scotty, especially when he's flailing around in a water tank like Jar Jar Binks or saying things close to, "Messa likes dis ship, it's exciting." He's obviously big pals with JJ Abrams but he seemingly had no influence on the convoluted script for Star Trek into Darkness. Why else would he participate in what is considered one of the dumbest entries in the franchise? Either Pegg didn't see it all (only his scenes and dialogue) or kept quiet about any misgivings and simply collected his paycheck. He then blasted viewers who didn't appreciate the movie on social media. Whatever, Ive enjoyed Pegg's work since Big Train but I don't want to see him in Star Wars too, not unless it's a cameo as a masked alien or something. Great blog by the way. Keep it up. ;-)

Darth Yakko said...

I absolutely agree with Aficionadofan. Pegg is entitled to his opinion but he demonstrates his lack of class by going out of his way to dump all over Eps. I-III, the Special Editions, and Lucas personally.

And don't say I'm not a fan of Star Wars or the original trilogy just because I love the prequels. I saw the originals in the theatre and I can recite them from memory.

Tim said...

So the guy voices his opinion, which he is entitled to have, and,by the way, a great many people share (the PT is garbage) and this disqualifies him from having anything to do with the franchise for the rest of his life?

The PT is garbage, it is poorly done fanfiction and this problem is not isolated to the PT as "Return of the Jedi" leaves a lot to be desired, too. Rinzlers' making of book lays blame for that pretty clearly, GL wanted a movie with teddy bears so his daughter could buy a toy in a store. His director was a hood ornament but hey it's his show, right? So where does the buck stop? At George.

Anonymous said...

Well said!