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Light and dark fight for the universe in STAR WARS IN 100 SCENES. Images: LUCASFILM/DORLING KINDERSLEY.

Over the last ten years or so, there's rarely not been many a magazine feature or Internet site detailing what they think have been the most important and classic scenes from across the landmark six films (so far) of George Lucas's STAR WARS saga. Even STAR WARS AFICIONADO has its own regular plethora of "Classic Images" on display from time to time. But there's never been an official Lucasfilm book using this idea to truly encompass such a worthy endeavour of celebration and revelation. Until now, that is, with the arrival of Jason Fry and DORLING KINDERSLEY's lovely new tome STAR WARS IN 100 SCENES, coming this 1st September, 2014 in the UK, priced £14.99.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is caught in a lethal space trap in Duel in the Rings.
The shroud of the Sith has fallen, but Master Yoda fights on for the Force.

Exactly what it says on the tin, this is a charming book, particularly aimed at the STAR WARS newbies, about to experience the old and new characters and environments of EPISODE VII, whom surely have some fast-paced catching up to do by next Christmas. Presented in film order, and in the best DK infomatic style, each classic scene advances through the bigger picture of the overall saga, presented in easy to read but lavish spread form, featuring a main picture and small images with plot-packed info above and around it (including characters, locations, vehicles and weaponry), alongside key dialogue quotes and snippets of behind the scenes information. Visually notable, EPISODEs IV to VI use a combination of on set scene photographs (with the odd choice rarity thrown in) mixed with good quality screen captures.

Resurrection of evil, and the emergence of Darth Vader.
The temptation of Luke Skywalker, and a Dark Lord's Secret...

From the return of the Sith, to the fateful Order 66 and the immolation of Darth Vader, to the spirited heroism of Luke Skywalker and his friends on Tatooine, the Death Star and beyond, whatever your favourite films, or favourite specific trilogy, all the moments you could ask for are well represented within this terrific 208-page hardback time capsule, more than fulfilling its purpose in informing and entertaining its readers, reminding us, because we like it, why STAR WARS is still the greatest space fantasy saga ever realised for the big screen cinematic audience medium.

AFICIONADO RATING: A remarkable universe, and a modern fairy tale that continues to delight and spellbind the world. 4 out of 5

Get hold of STAR WARS IN 100 SCENES here: Star Wars In 100 Scenes: Dk: Books

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