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Galen Erso - a key element to the ROGUE ONE story.

Potential Spoiler Alert!

At a dark time when the universe is in turmoil and an authority of tyranny and firepower has cemented itself, a small far-off planet at the edge of the galaxy, blessed with a reasonable climate and laced with green and hilly mountainsides, proves an unlikely but deliberately isolationist home to a cutting edge scientist, Galen Erso, on the cusp of a research breakthrough powerful enough to be the most beneficial and wondrous thing ever devised for humanity. Yet its also a creation so powerful its ultimate destiny could be used for the twisted ambitions of the most immoral kind, as a young and ambitious Imperial officer, Orson Krennic, and his party of lethally efficient Deathtroopers arrive at his seemingly meagre homestead to take Galen and his work to further their cause, and that of the First Galactic Empire, no matter what the cost.

Far away, a scientific analysis is bearing fruit...

Likened by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY to being this story's equivalent to nuclear pioneer J. Robert Oppenheimer, Galen Erso's part in ROGUE ONE mostly remains a mystery, with only one recent still of the character released at CELEBRATION 2016. However, I have a hunch that his part of the plot may be (unintentionally) similar to a classic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA two-part episode from 1978, called Gun on Ice Planet Zero. In that, a human scientist created an energy lens communications system that was turned into a powerful laser canon weapon aimed into space by the Cylons. Erso must surely be the inventor of the prime weapon that will be pivotal to the dominion of the fearsome Death Star battle station, possibly and deliberately even giving it a weakness for the Rebels to later spot and use in destroying it.

... but soon attracting unwelcome attention!

Certainly one of Denmark's most popular and successful film actors, known internationally for his roles as the villainous Le Chiffre in the superb James Bond film CASINO ROYALE, as well as the upcoming MARVEL magic hit DOCTOR STRANGE, STAR WARS fans are thrilled by Mads Mikkelsen's casting in ROGUE ONE, as Galen, separated from the young daughter, Jyn, who will never forget the day her father was forcibly taken from her, and a man whose actions and talents are both wanted, and feared, by the Empire and the opposing Rebel Alliance, as the lead-in to the original STAR WARS begins. Previously declaring the film's script as "beautiful" and clearly thrilled to be in the saga and its filming in Iceland and at Pinewood, we can't wait to see what Mikkelsen/Galen brings to this sterling new adventure.

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Mads and the cast of ROGUE ONE: Image: PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

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