Monday, 2 January 2012


Master of swordplay: the late Bob Anderson prepares the next part of Darth Vader's classic duel with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

The sad news has come in that legendary fencing master/ coordinator Bob Anderson, who doubled Dave Prowse for the majority of the super lightsaber duel conflicts in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI as Darth Vader, working alongside Stunt coordinator Peter Diamond (of whom he had a long friendship) and actor Mark Hamill, has sadly passed away. He was 89.

Though his voice was later dubbed, Anderson was at Norway to play the Rebel Commander who announces the incoming Walkers in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

A former British Olympic Fencing champion, Anderson would become a much admired and highly sought after professional legend in the film industry, where he would be responsible for choreographing some of the most exhilarating blade and fencing work seen in classic movies and blockbusters like the entire LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, THE PRINCESS BRIDE, the Antonio Banderas incarnation of ZORRO and the James Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY.

As Darth Vader on the Carbon Freezing Chamber set for EMPIRE in 1979. Image: STARWARS.COM

With thanks to Chris Baker for this YOUTUBE link footage on Mister Anderson's career:
Bob Anderson - Fencing Master Stunt Performer & Fight Director - YouTube
Bob Anderson: Sword fights- part 1 - YouTube
Bob Anderson: Sword fights- part 2 - YouTube
Reclaiming the Blade (2009) Movie Trailer - YouTube

Bob Anderson will be much missed by everyone who knew him and AFICIONADO, as well as millions of STAR WARS fans around the world, send their condolences to his family.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that you mention Mr. Anderson played a Rebel officer on Hoth (known as Trey Callum). I had never noticed that it was him before, but now you mention it, it does look like him. I ought to have recognised him ages ago.

I wish more people knew about this interesting fact. Other cameo appearances like Jeremy Bulloch's other roles are widely known about, yet Bob Anderson playing that Rebel seems to have passed a lot of people by. Even official sources have not mentioned it, as far as I have seen.