Sunday, 20 May 2012


I think I've finally found out what this missing deleted scene was from EPISODE II, which has beguiled many a fan over the last ten years (and specific behind the scenes EPISODE II crew whom I've contacted, too). If you recall the deleted scenes from the EPISODE II DVD OF 2002, there were several at the Varykino retreat/lake house on Naboo, interiors of the guest house with Anakin and Padme looking at holographic photos of her life and career in the senate and on her home world-this may have been one of those scenes shot for that but ultimately not used. It was definitely a scene filmed at Lake Como-something that Prequel Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard confirmed to me recently- he recognised the background, but didn't actually see this being shot.

If anyone else has any more info, please get in touch. I additionally contacted Trisha Biggar a while back (no response via her agent), and Leland Chee at LUCASFILM, via his HOLOCRON name TWITTER account, last year but didn't receive any response there, either.


lovelucas said...

I love these too Scott! I was just speculating on SWPAS - lazypadawan's site- here's what I posted (this is Linda P.)
LP – this is has been speculated on for YEARS. That photo was uncovered I believe on the Galactic Senate. Nick thinks it’s Lake Como and while he wasn’t there during filming he did say at some point he was there. The background resembles the loggia (tri-arched post nightmare) from the Villa Balbianello but I’m not totally convinced that it is… I traveled there in 2006 and compared my photos to those arches and they’re not quite the same – each of the Villa Balbianello loggia’s 3 arches are equal in height and they have smooth surfaces – but perhaps it might just be the angle. I don’t recall ever seeing this headgear on a Padmé costume – I don’t think Trisha was at Lake Como although my guide who was on set during the entire filming there, did mention her name as being part of the party. If this is an interior shot, I still don’t recall any of Padmé’s bedroom having arched windows/doorways etc. and I was actually inside the room itself. I still am in contact with the guide and she very, very specific about days and timing and locations. They were only at Lake Como a few days and at least one of those days was rained out. The picnic scene was the very last thing filmed. The interiors were combined shots – when Padmé is looking out of a window to see her father and Anakin in discussion by that beautiful tree – which was filmed at the Villa/Lake Como – Padmé herself and sister looking out of the window – that was actually filmed in Sydney. I would guess that the mystery shot was also filmed in Sydney -

aficionadofan said...

Cheers for the info, Linda. Best, Scott