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Guardian or destroyer? The legacy of the mysterious and totally alien Space Jockey will be revealed in PROMETHEUS. Images: FOX

In the original 1979 ALIEN, director Ridley Scott had us firmly believing that "In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream" when he unleashed the terrifying xenomorph creature-the true stuff of nightmares, from a frighteningly unknown but clearly technologically superior alien civilisation- onto the mostly doomed human crew of the commercial towing spaceship Nostromo. Now, thirty-three years later, hopes are high that the talented visualist's kinda-prequel to his chest bursting film baby will send the world successful ALIEN franchise into a whole new and equally populist direction with the intriguingly titled PROMETHEUS, a long-time in the making project that will surely answer past questions about the mysterious species and its origins that have scared the hell out of us for so long, as well as advance on and bring all-new terror and futurist spectacle to the popular horror/sci-fi legend.

Inside a chamber of secrets...and horror.
As the android David, Michael Fassbender discovers and samples alien technology.
Giants Amongst Us! The strange and deadly organic universe created by Ridley Scott and H.R. Giger returns in PROMETHEUS.
International poster for the movie.

All will be revealed in UK cinemas from June 1st. Early sneak peek footage of the film, which stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce, shown to executives at FOX last month  all proved very promising. And if they're happy, we'll probably be even happier. Prepare for surprises, and a white knuckle drop into 3D wonder, suspense and across the board fear!

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