Saturday, 22 September 2012


I've been sorry to recently hear that LUCASFILM have now been kind of disowning the great work that animation giant Genndy Tartakovsky and his team did for the CARTOON NETWORK's CLONE WARS micro-series of a few year back, in favour of their own 2008 onwards show, even going so far as to removing certain elements and characters from it that had been previously recognised and mentioned in their Official Expanded Universe timeline and characters table (I guess any kind of future Blu-ray has also just been shot down in flames, too!).

Check out this interview for more: Genndy Tartakovsky, 'Hotel Transylvania' Director, On The Disappearance Of His Version Of 'Star Wars: Clone Wars'

Those two early series show the excitement, action and adventure of the Prequel STAR WARS saga in its purest form yet during the 2005 lead up to the release of EPISODE III, of which there are a few fans out there who actually prefer them to the movies, and remain as enjoyable as ever. Why both series can't just sit proudly on the LUCASFILM shelf I don't know. STAR WARS AFICIONADO, however, will certainly not forget them, and will continue to celebrate such a brilliantly conceived show, brought to life by a dedicated group of industry professionals who were also tremendous STAR WARs fans...


Unknown said...

Roddenberry did the same thing to the animated series of Star Trek and really even the Ewoks/Droids cartoon series from the 80's has gotten no love either. It's probably because some of the ideas were Tartakovsky's ideas and not Lucas'. That series filled the bill as promotion for the movie and as a test to see response for any new tv series. With that done, they've just moved on from it. But hey, there WERE comics and action figures made from it. It shouldn't just be shoved to the side like the 'Holiday Special'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not a conspiracy to bury the micro-series, it may be an effort to avoid confusion between products from the two series.

Imagine a kid asking for a Clone Wars DVD (the one he sees on TV every week) and his dad getting him a micro-series DVD (wich may even be less expensive than the new series).

I guess we won't know for sure until the current version of Clone Wars ends it's run.