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A universe made real. Lucas watches the Sail Barge filming in Yuma, Arizona during April 1982, for RETURN OF THE JEDI.

One shy of our 1,000th feature post, and what with the recent world shattering news of the return of the STAR WARS SAGA with EPISODEs VII to IX-and yes, I'm still in positive and giddy shock over the announcement!- I thought it'd be nice to present a visual celebration of it's creator, George Lucas, through some of my favourite behind the scenes images from the Classic and Prequel Trilogies.

His continuing innovation and imagination having set the gold standard for everything that's ever followed in Hollywood, entertainment and technology since 1977, Lucas, to the world's sadness, is stepping down and retiring from the overall production of the commercial juggernaut that is STAR WARS, but thankfully he has crafted an all-new original storyline (at least for EPISODE VII) so as to get the ball rolling again for a new generation of talented film-makers to return us to that galaxy A Long Time Ago, and back to it's rightful place on movie theater screens.

George, we STAR WARS fans said it to you with heart in 2005 when we thought the journey was over with EPISODE III, and we say it to you again with an even bigger heart and greater emotional applause: THANK YOU! for creating such a marvellous universe, past, present, and, in much anticipation...the future.

Filming STAR WARS in Tunisia, 1976. George Lucas with his alter-ego, Luke Skywalker, as played by Mark Hamill.
Helping Mayhew, Hamill and Ford visualise the action in the Death Star Detention Block.
Directing the villainy of Peter Cushing and Dave Prowse towards Carrie Fisher.
Choreographing the excitement of the Chasm battle for Hamill and Fisher.
With favourite STAR WARS character Artoo Detoo.
Watching Gary Kurtz and Hamill on the Medical Bay set of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
Helping to bring Yoda to life in test footage at Elstree.
With fellow STAR WARS directors Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand.
Making a critical design decision on RETURN OF THE JEDI for the Emperor with Richard Marquand and Nilo Rodis-Jamero.
With friend and actor Harrison Ford in the Redwoods filming JEDI.
Carrie Fisher discusses Leia's parentage with Lucas on the Ewok Village set.
Lucas and the Classic Trilogy heroes poses for one final image. 
Back to the STAR WARS universe, and Tunisia, in 1997, with Jake Lloyd as Anakin Skywalker.
Lucas and old friend Ian McDiarmid on set at Leavesden.
Back in the directing seat for the Prequels...
Look, it's Superman! Lucas, Sam Jackson and the reference Yoda have fun in Australia for EPISODE II.
Lucas goes through the next phase of Jedi action with Christensen and McGregor.

Having fun with long-time storytelling companion, C-3PO (Anthony Daniels).
It's a wrap? Lucas and Rick McCallum with the young stars of EPISODE III. 
A final surprise! A cameo appearance by George in EPISODE III, as the Pantoran delegate Baron Papanoida.

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