Friday, 5 June 2015


They said it was their biggest and most most ambitious event staging yet, and they were right. SECRET CINEMA's presentation run of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK got off to a great start this week at a massive venue in London, of which STAR WARS AFICIONADO attended yesterday (4th June 2015). Aimed primarily for mass appeal rather than the hardcore, the overall planning was strong, the set recreations/production design and sound effects were impressive, the immersive actors (inhabiting classic heroes and aliens of all shapes and sizes) clearly enjoyed themselves, the variety of drink and food (though pricey) flowed and the Special Edition movie and sound presentation was excellent (with some added surprises going on around the audience that were well received by both regular SECRET CINEMA attendees and STAR WARS fans). My only personal downer prior to all this was the REBEL X online clothes store- five working days on from my purchase and the order never arrived- very poor customer service with no customer replies.

SECRET CINEMA makes the cover of the London ES MAGAZINE (5/7/15).
Some old faces enjoy Shoreditch. Image: ES MAGAZINE.

So, was it worth the controversial price of £78? Overall, I'd say yes- it certainly looks like the maintenance costs of this until September will be expensive. If you can afford it, it's definitely an experience to remember, especially in this exciting lead-up to THE FORCE AWAKENS. And if you go, try to make the most of it- a Princess needs to be rescued!

With confidentiality agreements signed, look out for AFICIONADO's first-night review at the end of the run.

Secret Cinema: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

SECRET CINEMA main site and tickets: Star Wars

FACEBOOK: Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

UPDATE 6/7/15: Rebel X stores got back to AFICIONADO, informing us that online orders have a 10 day delivery window.

UPDATE 10/6/15: The Empire Strikes Back Returns To UK Box Office Top Ten

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