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An early autograph, and potentially revealing quote (?), from Anthony Daniels, for the original STAR WARS.

For five months during the middle of 1976, Anthony Daniels had a (mostly) uncomfortable time making the original STAR WARS, wearing a cumbersome, sharp-edged, just out of the factory golden suit whilst bringing the plot-important protocol droid See-Threepio to life. He'd be neglected on and off by the filming crew after what had been a good first day on location, often faced bouts of isolation and humiliation (having to be lifted to and from soundstages on boards and mini-scaffolding could never have been fun!), and then, after filming had been eventually completed, discovering that the writer/director he'd liked and trusted in the quiet and unassuming George Lucas might not be using his charming butler-esque voice for the character after all, instead possibly replaced by a greasy used-salesman type vocal!

Anthony Daniels STAR WARS interview - YouTube

On UK location filming for EPISODE VII with J.J. Abrams.

Thankfully, there were much, much better days ahead for the actor and his character, starting off by being an influential figure on the cover of PEOPLE magazine with the film's stellar-beyond-words 1977 release (and, by definition, becoming the de facto "face" of STAR WARS, in many respects), better terms and working conditions from the first sequel onwards (including stronger recognition in the all-important press campaigns), followed by trips across the world seeing fascinating places and meeting diverse cultures, and becoming an important ambassador to the type of juggernaut success that a rare and privileged few get to enjoy- in the process becoming the only actor to feature in all seven of the epic STAR WARS adventures (so far), alongside a striking amount of pleasing and hopefully better-paid spin-offs and merchandise following in its mighty wake.

With friends old and new at CELEBRATION ANAHEIM in 2015. Image: GETTY IMAGES for DISNEY.

 C-3PO: His Moment to Shine - YouTube
Anthony Daniels - Star Wars: The Force Awakens Interview (HD) - YouTube

Today, STAR WARS fans across the globe send their warmest "Birthday Greetings" out to the one-of-a-kind Mister Anthony Daniels!

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