Monday, 18 July 2016


Entry banner to the London ExCeL Centre for STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2016. 

"Will any Skywalkers, Han Solos and Princess Leias alighting this train please make sure that they take their lightsabers with them. Thank you."

And so said a droll and very British Docklands Light Railway transport officer, as fans from across the world gathered for the latest CELEBRATION pilgrimage in London. As AFICIONADO prepares its continued coverage from the lively and ultimately very well organised three-day event, which truly had something for every generation of fan, here's a selection of Scott Weller's photos captured from some of its best panels and areas of interest.

All paths lead here!
Dave Filoni's once plans for Ahsoka in THE CLONE WARS aborted later seasons move Ashley Eckstein to tears during the revealing and hugely successful Ahsoka Lives! Panel.
Mark Hamill was as charismatic and anecdote packed as ever in his solo talk.
Filming of the live The STAR WARS Show continues in one of the event's two halls.
Neal Scanlan and his EPISODE VII creature team's work was a true highlight.
A gorgeous selection of ROGUE ONE costumes, weapons and vehicles were effectively displayed.
Director Krennic's costume was powerful and popular.
ROGUE ONE's new Shoretroopers were another hit.
A stunning Millennium Falcon replica at the De Agostini magazine booth.
The Ireland Tourist Board provided a fun Jedi Temple steps photo scene area.
Down at the Celebration Stage for another busy day.
At the panel on upcoming SW films, a photo was posted showing EPISODE VIII's Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman filming their special ROGUE ONE cameos for Gareth Edwards.
The new Han Solo is finally, officially revealed as Alden Ehrenreich.
Mark, Carrie and their beloved pets help bring the event to a satisfying close.
Those brilliant Belgian fan builders returned with their TIE Fighter.
Felicity Jones as the building in popularity icon of ROGUE ONE: Jyn Erso.
Dave Filoni interviewed at the EMPIRE magazine lounge.
Who wouldn't want to go for a ride in this baby! 
Classy Boba Fett replica, from his early "Super Stormtrooper" days.
One of the Finse 1979 BTS crew coats at the Prop Store location.
A new type of Walker for Rogue One.
Colourful replica costume for one of the shapely Tonnika Twins.
Great Rebel trooper costume replica.
The beautiful Gentle Giant statuette area, always a popular sight.
Some great fan made Imperials.

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