Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The courage and destiny of a Princess has begun...

Today (22nd March, 2017), STAR WARS AFICIONADO was kindly invited by DISNEY UK to a special event look at all the pleasing extras accompanying the Blu-ray (and digital download) release of ROGUE ONE in this territory from April 10th, 2017. Though there's no deleted scenes to relish (presumably saved for a later release- fingers crossed!), there are plenty of deleted scene filming snippets to catch from across the movie's in-flux conception, along with a ten featurettes look at the production's inception, its key characters, and design. A notable and fascinating standout, The Princess & The Governor, shows the miraculous recreation of a classic young heroine and equally iconic villain from the saga in key sequences, and the genuine care and affection undertaken by both the ILM CGI team and the actors portraying/recreating Tarkin and young Leia in doing so (Guy Henry, particularly knowing how important it was to capture the aura of Peter Cushing yet also give his own performance, and the charming and very-similar-looking-to-Carrie Fisher Ingvild Deila), and to such striking effect. We'd seen behind the scenes footage of Henry as Tarkin earlier this year, now the Blu-ray presents the work that went into the filming of the finale Leia scenes with Deila (in costume and buns, her face covered with silver balls) at Pinewood in December 2015, and via the striving-for-the best ILM.

The lovely Ingvild, and an image from her acting portfolio. 

Rogue One Princess Leia scene: Stand-in Leia actress Ingvild Deila on playing Carrie Fisher - and how she found out about the role

'Rogue One': Leia Actress Ingvild Deila on Re-Creating 'Star Wars' Character | Hollywood Reporter

Here's What Princess Leia Looked Like in 'Rogue One' Before CGI | Inverse

ROGUE ONE on UK Blu-ray and DVD. Get it here: 

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