Tuesday 19 June 2018


Art by Colin Cantwell.

Predating by a year Ralph McQuarrie's design, and Alex Tavoularis's storyboard sequence ideas, Colin Cantwell, another of the earliest people to have been importantly involved States-side with the visual ideas creation of The Star Wars universe for George Lucas, came up with this superb potential design for the Imperial Star Destroyer. Though never used, it has over the years continued to inspire future designers partaking in the saga universe's evolving cinematic creation, and was to have made an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story as a new vehicle: the Imperial Arrestor Cruiser. Linked to the release, it was made a sure-fire collectible Hot Wheels toy vehicle, too. Though lost in that film's eventual re-shaping and re-development with the welcome arrival of Ron Howard, Cantwell's design is too good for it to not eventually appear somewhere on the big screen. So let's keep an eye out for it...

Imperial Arrestor cruiser design for Solo by Vincent Jenkins.


With thanks to Chris Baker.

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