Wednesday 24 June 2020


Image: Nick Maley.

Operating the huge Wampa costume for the location filming in Norway would be British film crew member Des Webb. Assisted by Make-up artist Graham Freeborn at the cold site, Webb would walk on large stilt feet to aid in the towering size of the beast, and would often have to be hoisted up or carried along by the crew to various sites for filming. When dragging the captured, wounded Luke across the Hoth surface, a dummy was used in long shots, whilst Mark Hamill handled the close-ups (surrounded by crew for safety, in case of any tumbles backward made by Webb in the difficult to see filming conditions). Hamill, always good humoured, enjoyed the filming of the scene and the company of Des Webb as his creature opponent.

In his hoist, Webb as the Wampa helped by Graham Freeborn.

Wearing the original Wampa mask which proved too cuddly on screen.

Testing the stilt furry feet on location -presumably this is Des Webb before putting on the creature costume.

Webb as the Wampa with the dummy Luke.

Mark Hamill is carried in this scene image.

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