Saturday 22 October 2022


The first official image for the new Ahsoka series as seen at the recent Disney D23 Expo.

On a mission to find both the resourceful alien Admiral Thrawn and Jedi-to-be Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano is ready to fight anyone who stands in her way. Guided in her storytelling by her co-creator Dave Filoni, the eagerly awaited Star Wars - Ahsoka debuts in 2023, only on Disney+

.Star Wars' Ahsoka Series Has Been in the Works for Years

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Holy smokes they did it': Star Wars Fans Rejoice as "Ahsoka" Reportedly Casts Lars Mikkelsen, Original Voice Actor of Grand Admiral Thrawn, in Live Action Series - FandomWire

The Mandalorian May Be Setting Up The Thrawn Trilogy

Image: Dave Filoni.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter Confirms, Eman Esfandi to Play Live-Action Ezra in 'Ahsoka' - Star Wars News Net

Andor May Have An Unexpected Connection To Ahsoka's Show

Star Wars Brings Back Original Trilogy Legend for New Disney+ Series | Den of Geek

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