Saturday 18 March 2023


Image: Jonathan Olley for Lucasfilm/Disney.

Even legendary Wookiees like the mighty Chewbacca (as personified by the amiable actor/sportsman Joonas Suotamo) need time for a break once in a while, as seen here during the original location filming in Italy for Solo: A Star Wars Story, during 2017. These BTS shots captured for media publicity mildly echo those of Peter Mayhew's filming as Chewbacca, enduring harsher cold and snow during Finse, Norway 1979, for The Empire Strikes Back.

Deleted scene moment of Han and Chewie having a brief snowball fight on Vandor, watched by Tobias Beckett. 

Joonas Suotamo in costume holds an umbrella to protect the Yak hair costume from the watery snow elements.

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