Monday, 7 January 2013


Inspired by the work of Ralph McQuarrie, the 2007 onwards logo for STAR WARS AFICIONADO. With thanks to Chris Baker.

It started off as a small idea in my mind towards the end of Summer 2002, as the worldwide excitement grew for the then upcoming EPISODE III. But little acorns can grow into big trees, and I never guessed that STAR WARS AFICIONADO would still be here ten years on, thriving in the world of the web. It was very rough, and very early days back in the Spring of 2003 when that Padme/Vader first issue cover of the originally printed publication made its small but vital start into existence within fandom, of which its tiny but dedicated reader base always made sure that it was quickly out of stock alongside their generating the kind of positive feedback that helped to spur me on to hopefully bigger and better things (with the additional help of several key contributors and friends over time: most notably the hard work and dedication of Chris Baker (who's kindly providing some nifty web banners for this special 2013!) and autograph and toy collector enthusiast Ian Trussler). Lack of finances for this expensive, non-profit making venture ultimately killed off the magazine in its printed life, though most of the back issues are still available in PDF form and help to keep the first AFICIONADO website from disappearing. Meanwhile, this blog, originally launched in 2010, remains a consistent and welcome presence helping to represent both STAR WARS past, present and future beyond the official sites, and AFICIONADO in general.

In our past and present, AFICIONADO has revealed previously unknown behind the scenes filming information from cast and crew that hasn't yet appeared in official sources, published three exhaustive behind the scenes specials on the Original Trilogy movies before publication of any official LUCASFILM books covering them, and posted thousands of rare images from across all six (so far) films that have since gone on to appear on websites across the world. AFICIONADO has also inspired successive sites and fan projects covering the saga's behind the scenes legacy, ether in website or on FACEBOOK pages.

And there's lots more to come from us online in this Tenth Anniversary year for STAR WARS AFICIONADO, and its unique niche place in fandom. As well as continued blogs, both new and revised, covering all aspects of the STAR WARS movies, there's also our celebration of Thirty Years of RETURN OF THE JEDI, and our keeping track on the pre-production gears for the hopefully incredible new worlds and characters that will be seen in EPISODE VII in 2015.

To all those have supported the magazine from the start, plus the subsequent website, blogsite and FACEBOOK pages along the way of these last ten years, a big and hearty Wookiee growl of salute goes out into the cyberspace skies: THANK YOU! for your support and kind words. But, most important of all, a big THANK YOU! to George Lucas and his empire of dreams for creating such an outstanding legacy of cinematic wonder and fantasy. The future looks brighter than ever, and STAR WARS truly is forever!

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