Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Frank Marshall's TWITTER photo of an EPISODE VII filming related poster at Pinewood Studios.

With the next JAMES BOND movie patiently waiting in the wings to take much needed Pinewood Studios space, the wrapping of principal photography on EPISODE VII is nigh, and J.J. Abrams has for the most part kept its top secret mystique and its surely epic storyline intact- we even missed Harrison Ford's returning to London to resume filming! Now we're getting news sites with people allegedly seeing and describing concept art and costume sketches from studio walls, and leaking apparent story ideas that may or may not be real (Luke's gone bad or becomes a cyborg villain, one of our heroines lives in a wrecked AT-AT, Leia's grandmother was a Wookiee! Okay, that last one was fake, right?!). Personally, the fun of reading all these things is starting to wear off- what we all want to see now is a down to goodness, kick-ass teaser trailer. My own often right sources tell me something short but memorable may be happening for Xmas or the first week of January, with link-in special imagery being put together by ILM and the LUCASFILM/DISNEY marketing teams giving us a few plot point clues rather than actual footage, with a first teaser trailer, as has been predicted elsewhere, in May 2015, possibly featuring specially composed John Williams music to key-in the return of the older heroes. Here's hoping it all happens...

Unless more substantial material comes our way, here is AFICIONADO's final news compilation...

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