Tuesday 19 December 2023


A tease of the main title for The Last Jedi. All images: Rian Johnson.

Six years on from his work on the love it or hate it The Last Jedi, uber-talented writer/director Rian Johnson is busier than ever in his career, making films large and small to suit his tastes. As we all know, Johnson is also a talented photographer, as seen with his many released images linked to the behind the scenes filming of EPISODE VIII. With a hoped-for book of his work on the film unlikely to be on the publishing horizon anytime soon, we can at least saviour what he has released online, of which Aficionado has pulled together as many as possible for your perusal and enjoyment.

Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill at a Pinewood villa go through the script and the relationship between Rey and Luke that needs to be developed for the screen.

Out from the shadows, the older and more vulnerable Luke as played by Mark Hamill.

Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega receive vital information on their acquired ship from Canto Bight.

Getting close-up with Maz Kanata and a test performer.

Cleaning a Resistance fighter cockpit window.

Wiping a set panel for a First Order technician ready to wrought chaos and destruction.

Rian Johnson relaxes in his tram om the way to the studio!

Ready for war! Rian Johnson and Veronica Ngo in the Resistance bomber interior.

A Mon Calamari extra gets some welcome air pumped into his mask on the Resistance cruiser bridge set.

Anthony Daniels on the cruiser bridge prior to suiting up as Threepio.

Getting ready to film the Jedi Temple apocalypse with Hamill and a remote controlled Artoo.

Preparing to film Luke in his cave on Ahch-To.

Animated series veteran Dave Filoni comes to the UK to see the filming of sequences that may be relevant to his own future SW productions.

The immense studio lights inside one of the Pinewood studio cave sets.

Amanda Lawrence and Billie Lourd in between drama filming.

An atmospheric shot of an unmasked Anthony Daniels on the Crait base set.

Atop the Millennium Falcon cockpit scaffold.

Fighter battling is thirsty work for Oscar Isaac.

The full size Falcon prop on the Pinewood backlot.

Filming with the newly built Yoda puppet in exterior filming at Pinewood.

Daisy Ridley prepares to film the rainy duel with Luke.

Frank Oz reunited with Yoda and Mark Hamill.

Resistance clowning on the Crait cavern set at Pinewood.

Resistance pilots assemble.

First Order Stormtroopers gather.

John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran pose with young newcomer Temirlan Blaev at the Canto Bight stables set. 

Busy in and out of the Resistance transport shuttle.

Noted cinematographer Steve Yedlin inside the Falcon gun tunnel.

Carrie Fisher enjoys the rehearsals around her.

A tender moment between Carrie Fisher and her beloved health support dog, Gary, on the cruiser bridge.

Brian Herring co-puppeteers a lively Porg inside the Falcon cockpit.

On the striking 'Red Room' set.

Happy times for Snoke and Andy Serkis. But not for long...

Daisy Ridley witnesses the carnage of the dead Snoke.

Cleaning up the mess after the Snoke massacre.

Andy Serkis clearly misses Snoke!

Gwendoline Christie and John Boyega hang around on the First Order set.

Capturing the distinct Phasma helmet!

Cleaning up the hangar massacre.

Preparing to film the fateful duel between Finn and Phasma.

Directing evil with Adam Driver.

The Forces of light and dark in showdown.

Stalwart icons Artoo and Threepio reunited in the Falcon hold.

UPDATE 1/2024: It looks like the photo book is on the cards now, after all, for release in late 2025.

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