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The American-based experiences site IfOnly has contacted STAR WARS AFICIONADO with special news of a terrific opportunity to charity bid for a unique personalised, one-of-a-kind photo of the cast of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS from their first script table reading, along with an equally special Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Lucasfilm. May the Force be with you all for this very worthy cause.

Here's the details:

Adam Driver has Joined Forces with IfOnly to Benefit Arts in the Armed Forces with a Unique Star Wars: The Force Awakens Online Auction  

Star Wars Fans Can Bid to Win A One-of-a-Kind Signed Photo and Behind-the-Scenes Tour at Lucasfilm

SAN FRANCISCO (February 26, 2015) – IfOnly, a marketplace for experiences that donates a portion of its proceeds to charities, has announced the launch of its partnership with Lucasfilm and actor Adam Driver with a chance to win a hand-signed photo by the cast of Star WarsThe Force Awakens and a tour of the Lucasfilm campus in San Francisco.  The auction, which will benefit Adam Drivers’ cause Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF), is open for bidding today and will end on March 19, 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18, 2015.

The signed photo includes faces and signatures from many of the cast members from the original films as well as the new members joining them in Star WarsThe Force Awakens. The photo is only one part of the auction, however: the winning bidder will also receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the Lucasfilm campus at the Presidio in San Francisco.

The photo alone is a special collectable, but the signed version is invaluable to the “Star Wars” enthusiast. When the film was publicly announced, each cast member was given a copy of the first photo of them together, taken during one of their first table reads of the script. Adam asked each cast member to sign a copy and is auctioning it off to benefit Arts in the Armed Forces, an organization he co-founded that brings performing arts to the military free of charge.  Driver’s career prior to being cast in “Star Wars” doesn't follow any of the typical Hollywood plotlines. His path took him through the military, to Juilliard, and then to a career in film and television. Passionate about helping those in the military, Adam uses his cause to bring performing arts to other service members.

“AITAF brings quality entertainment to veterans and those currently serving. We cultivate tonally eclectic, often hilarious content that focuses on the human challenges we all share. We recruit great actors to read it, and make it cost-free. Though AITAF offers an artistic experience that can’t immediately be quantified, the feeling after an AITAF performance is tangible, as we watch someone from the military ‘get’ that the act of self-expression is as powerful a tool as the rifle on their shoulder.” – Adam Driver, founder, Arts in the Armed Forces

The photo is signed by most of the cast, listed below.
Signatures include:
·         Adam Driver
·         J.J. Abrams
·         Harrison Ford
·         Mark Hamill
·         Carrie Fisher
·         Lawrence Kasdan
·         John Boyega
·         Oscar Isaac
·         Andy Serkis
·         Kathleen Kennedy
·         Daisy Ridley
·         Lupita Nyong’o
·         Gwendoline Christie

Option to add signatures from:
·         Anthony Daniels
·         Domhnall Gleeson
·         Bryan Burk
·         Peter Mayhew

To reach the IfOnly concierge with questions, please call 415-754-8167 or
About IfOnly

IfOnly delivers extraordinary experiences for good.  Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Trevor Traina, IfOnly is a premium experiential marketplace that offers exclusive experiences to customers who are passionate about food, wine and spirits, music, sports, entertainment, travel and beyond. IfOnly partners with A-list luminaries to curate dream experiences at every price point, with a trusted charity benefiting from each purchase. Now the largest site for curated or customized offerings, IfOnly has expanded its vertical categories to include outdoor adventure, fashion, gaming, niche leisurely activities and more. To date, IfOnly has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Kobe Bryant, Andre Agassi and Alice Waters, collectively raising money for more than 200 different charities.

About Arts in the Armed Forces
Arts in the Armed Forces bridges the cultural gap between the United States Armed Forces and the performing arts communities by bringing the best of contemporary theater to the military free of charge. AITAF programming accentuates the shared humanity of all Americans by using performance to unite artists and service members and encourage dialogue. AITAF enlists artists of the highest quality and chooses thought-provoking content with an eye to what might speak to this particular audience.

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