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There was a time when all suddenly seemed right with the universe- brave young Luke Skywalker had cemented his place and destiny as a Jedi Knight, helped his father Anakin escape his iron lung prison as the evil Darth Vader and set him back on the path to good, away from darkness, to destroy the fearsome Emperor and his key technological might. Now, the return of the Jedi has seemingly been and gone, with a new intergalactic conflict that has likely ravaged and affected as many worlds as those originally hit by the cataclysmic shockwaves of the previous Clone Wars. A new force for evil- the First Order - now gains strength, momentum and destructive power against its bold resistors.

On a far-off world, an Astro Droid meets an old friend? Image: DISNEY/LUCASFILM

What has happened to Luke Skywalker during this time of terrible crisis? Did his likely plans for a new Jedi Order ever come to fruition ? And just how will he be involved in the next awakening of the Force during the Dark Times that lie ahead...?

We all can't wait to see Mark Hamill finally return as Luke Skywalker this December. Before then, though, word has come through to us via the US-based Charitybuzz of a special charity auction lunch that the actor/icon is giving. Here's the info:

With Star Wars Day (May 4th) around the corner, I am reaching out to let you know Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill himself, is inviting two Star Wars fans to lunch in LA, all while giving back to a great cause. Thought this auction might make for a fun piece or mention in anything you may be working on to celebrate the day.

With Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens set for a December release, fans are already asking if it’s possible that Darth Vader is still alive? Two winners lucky enough to dine with his hero son will have the unique opportunity to find out before the movie is released!

Mark Hamill has teamed up with global charity auction site Charitybuzz to give two fans the chance to have lunch with the Jedi Knight in LA. Bidding for this experience is available at through May 6. The experience, valued at $10,000, is a steal with bidding currently stalled at only $1,850!
Hamill is so excited about lunch he even gave his Twitter followers a chance to get in on the auction:

And check out this lovely gallery recently posted by Hamill from the behind the scenes of RETURN OF THE JEDI: Mark Hamill's Return of the Jedi Family Photo Album |

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