Thursday 30 April 2015


Before they disappear into decayed oblivion, I thought I'd scan and post my Polaroids from my family's visit to the excellent RETURN OF THE JEDI costumes, props and artwork exhibition based for one month only at London's then prestigious HARRODS department store, during May 1983- packed with great items, a selection of that eagerly awaited first wave of PALITOY action figures with the new ROTJ logo on (Mum bought me a Royal Guard!), and a superb teaser trailer on a television loop that I just watched and watched gobsmacked alongside other kids (I'll always remember gasping when Han and Chewie were on the skiff as it overturns from laser fire, Leia getting wounded (I thought she was going to die!) and Wedge's X-wing and Falcon manoeuvring across the Death Star II landscape)- three years of waiting since TESB and I was finally seeing some new STAR WARS footage! Great times, of which I hope today's kids are just as excited now about THE FORCE AWAKENS as I was back then about JEDI.

Sorry about the overall quality, but I think you guys and gals will enjoy looking at them nonetheless. At the time, the newer characters/creatures got the most attention in front of the camera.

Love the McQuarrie diorama background, plus Endor Leia and Jedi Luke to the corner.
The UK's first proper look at the Royal Guards.
A Mon Calamari and those recognisable droids.
A special alcove recreation of Jabba's Palace, with Han in carbonite.
A Gamorrean Guard makes an ominous appearance.

Another fan has a more expansive set here: Return Of The Jedi Exhibition, Harrods, London, May 1983

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