Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Still "home" for EPISODE VIII: Han Solo and Chewbacca!

UPDATE: Looks like the EPISODE VIII casting call sheet is apparently a fake (according to many people) and has been discussed on several prominent fan forums. Han will probably be dead for Xmas after all, unless there's a sudden change! Thanks to reader "Dennis" for the message.

Casting call for 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' lead role | Disney Casting CallsDisney Casting Calls

Casting has begun on the next phase of the STAR WARS Sequels, with Rian Johnson writing and directing EPISODE VIII, and the big search underway for a new young leading lady (presumably a potential love interest for John Boyega's Finn?) to join our heroes. As well as Boyega, the return of Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley were a dead cert. But this DISNEY casting call info has given us the news that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will also be returning in some capacity, too. Even more surprisingly, though, the dreaded rumours that have been circulating these past 18 months of Harrison Ford's Han Solo being killed off look set to be quashed, at least for the time being (and unless this is part of a smoke screen of disinformation linked to VII), with his involvement in VIII. Perhaps Ford, seemingly impressed by what was happening with VII, decided to stick around after all. Intriguingly, the next film is being made in association and producer-ship with Lawrence Kasdan and his company, which is just as cool- so even more involvement from the Classic Trilogy's finest screenplay writer.

Having been rumoured to be playing a baddie since EPISODE II, we have further great news that Benecio Del Toro, who I've been impressed with as an actor ever since his early days as a James Bond villain, will be added to the mix, presumably another one of those fearsome Knights of Ren?

Benicio Del Toro Confirms Being Cast In Episode VIII, Spills More Details | The Star Wars Underworld

And finally, the release date is music to my ears: back to May, where it's always felt just right!

Casting call for 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' lead role | Disney Casting CallsDisney Casting Calls

What about EPISODE IX? Well, here's this new TWITTER teaser from director Colin Trevorrow and pic: "Back to school."

Image: Colin Trevorrow/TWITTER.

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Dennis said...

Sorry to bring bad news, but that casting call is (according to many people) fake. It has been discussed some time ago at the JediCouncil boards.
I wish it was true though as I don't want Han to go!