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Feel the Force of John Williams new score!

He's the man who puts the true heart and soul into STAR WARS, his work building and cementing the emotion and excitement in front of our eyes to a higher level: the irreplaceable and incredible John Williams, music composer maestro and conductor, genius and all round inspiration to the world of both cinema and the STAR WARS odyssey. Ten years may have passed since his previous, and then presumed last score for the saga, with 2005's Revenge of the Sith, but now he's back, as accomplished as ever, with his super first work for the newly launched sequel universe, which has started so explosively with THE FORCE AWAKENS- his specially selected 23 track story order score for the movie, newly arrived via WALT DISNEY RECORDS/UNIVERSAL, proving a joyous and captivating experience, building on the striking work he delivered for 1983's Return of the Jedi as well as elements from the Prequel saga, for a remarkable accomplishment, of which his striking new scores  will quickly become a part of pop culture history, and heard here sometimes cleverly intermixing with those recognisably familiar, heart beating-faster, beloved heroic themes of 1977.

In one of the last recording days for the film: J.J. Abrams and John Williams.

Particular highlights from TFA: the gorgeous, brings a lump to the throat score for the tomboy scavenger Rey, about to come out of her chrysalis shell for the incredible journey that lies ahead, the ominous and darkly operatic tones for the psycho adolescent Kylo Ren, the soaring-to-the-skies jubilance and defiance of plucky Poe Dameron and his sterling X-wing fighter squadron with the March of the Resistance plus the exhilarating Scherzo for X-wings. Plus the well-placed use of the main STAR WARS and Skywalker themes adding heightened romanticism alongside much more which we're not yet about to go into detail and spoil for anybody.

His first pairing with writer/director J.J. Abrams having proved such a resounding and incredible success, like his previous relationship and collaborations with those other kidults in George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, John Williams THE FORCE AWAKENS is yet another essential purchase for any STAR WARS fan and soundtrack aficionado in general.

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