Monday, 17 October 2016


Out just in time to accompany the all-new Collector's Edition release of THE FORCE AWAKENS on striking 3D Blu-ray, the superb DK BOOKS Complete Locations guide gets a worthy updating to include EPISODE VII's key environments and vistas into this now definitive, sweeping and beautiful exploration of the STAR WARS intergalactic landscape, with illustrations, maps, cutaway sections and revelations captured across eight brand-new and gorgeous artworks effectively showcasing the incredible new worlds seen and experienced by next generation heroes in Rey, Finn and roly poly droid BB-8, as their fight against the tyrannical, newly emerged First Order, and their search for the self-exiled Luke Skywalker, begins in breathless and imaginative style.

Thrust into this new era of storytelling, readers can explore the wastelands of the harsh desert world of Jakku and find out more about the Niima outpost where bartering is done to stay alive, and witness its unique status as current resting place to the beloved Millennium Falcon. Then travel across the planet's trackless dunes and sand canyons to the visually memorable debris zone of destroyed Rebel and Imperial ships left behind thirty years hence, plus the distinctive Imperial AT-AT Walker home that has indelibly sheltered young and isolated Rey for years- surely one of the most desirable living pads a modern STAR WARS fan could want! From there, and evading the pursuit of the closing-in First Order, we make a trip to one of space smuggler Han Solo's favourite haunts, to his old friend Maz Kanata at her castle/shelter on the lake world of Takodana, where all kinds of dubiously employed aliens and humanoids seek both a drink and a comfortable place to stay off the grid! Sadly, the enemy is never far behind our heroes, but thankfully neither are General Leia Organa's Resistance, rescuing most of the group in the nick of time and delivering them to their lush green secret base and fighter facility on D'Qar, before all their forces gather to attack the brutal enemy's super-powered weapon housed at space fortress Starkiller Base, brought to immense and satisfying life within a superb four-page section that explores Supreme Leader Snoke's fear-bringing realm, bigger even than the original Death Star, of which, at its vicious and distinctive heart, is the lightspeed travelling energy weapon that has slayed the New Republic, and which now must be destroyed before time runs out for the Resistance. As if all that wasn't enough to explore via the artistic house styles established by Hans Jenssen, Richard Chasemore and Kemp Remillard, Jason Fry's accompanying notes and background history details (all Lucasfilm Story Group approved, of course!), coupled with great still photos, form a rewarding additional content nexus to TFA's story, characters, and hardware.

Also featuring a charming foreword by the ever enthusiastic and beloved STAR WARS Prequels and Sequel Production Designer Doug Chiang, Compete Locations truly has something for every fan, from every era, to enjoy, and makes for a spectacular and eye-catchingly rewarding Christmas present.

Get it here: Star Wars Complete Locations Updated Edition: DK: 9780241232316: Books

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