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That smuggler's life! Star Wars Icons - Han Solo, out now!

2018 has been both a great time for Star Wars book publishing and for the most popular star of its franchise in rogue pilot extraordinaire Han Solo, what with the arrival of his terrifically enjoyable origin film last Summer. Now, bringing this packed year to a distinctive close, both factors are fused into an impressive whole with the arrival of the all-new Ilex Press celebration that is Star Wars Icons - Han Solo - we hope the launching pad for a continuing series of books totally dedicated to the popular and enduring heroes and villains of George Lucas's beloved universe.

Harrison Ford is Han Solo- both showcased at their best in The Empire Strikes Back.

Though a fine entertainment correspondent/editor in her own right, Icons chosen author - US talent Gina McIntrye - importantly proves herself as much of a Star Wars obsessive as we are, finding the rarest of quotes and information (from the most diverse sources) to successfully put the entire behind the scenes facts and onscreen fantasy worlds of Han Solo together for a highly satisfying, ultimate compilation tapestry/celebration, and a tome that also features all-new interviews/insights conducted with many recognisable key talents (including top film writer/director Lawrence Kasdan and the original Han himself- Harrison Ford) who'd work so hard and creatively in bringing the character of maverick Solo to life over forty years and in five memorable feature films, as well as for all kinds of notable spin-offs and merchandising treasures appearances. Additionally, McIntyre also delves into the legacy that would change Hollywood adventure characters with Solo's wake (thanks largely to Ford's impressive performance) for years to come in a most satisfying and contextual way. Star Wars Icons must surely be the most definitive work yet on that formidable but never entirely successful outer space western-type smuggler, who, deep down, and even against his better judgment, has always been one of the good guys!

A true homecoming for Han and Chewbacca with The Force Awakens.

Bringing to life a whole new storytelling direction with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Complimenting the worthy text is some of the finest art and photography from Star Wars Pop Culture-dom, selected and digitally restored from the Lucasfilm Archives (as well as other key sources) to bring further rich visual evocation to those spirited and epic adventures of Solo- from rare behind the scenes shots (including some great representations from A New Hope and The Force Awakens) to key still images (including deleted moments, especially from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), plus very rare conceptual art (including those from pioneering talent Ralph McQuarrie (a key life blood of the series- then and now) and Classic Trilogy costume designer John Mollo), and classic/modern examples of Solo's enduring media/merchandise existence (alongside The Odd Couple-esque travelling compatriot in life-debted hairy hero Chewbacca, and their stalwart 'piece of junk' ship, the Millennium Falcon). Nothing has seemingly slipped through the radar it seems, bar the notorious exception of The Star Wars Holiday Special- still the mad uncle in the corner that no one wants to talk to at Christmas!

Caught in the Rebel cause and the crossfire with Princess Leia, within lots of pop culture classic art.

AFICIONADO RATING: A gorgeous treat for Christmas, Star Wars Icons - Han Solo is one valuable legacy purchase you'll want to go from 'one side of the galaxy to the other' to get hold of. 4 out of 5


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