Thursday 9 November 2023


The trail for the elusive assassins threatening Padme Amidala's existence has seemingly gone cold for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Thankfully, an old friend experienced in life and work throughout the cosmos - Coruscant based Diner owner Dexter Jettster, is at hand to help his investigation further along, and sending Obi-Wan into new, mysterious realms...

A fun sequence from EPISODE II.

Out from the kitchen!

It was nice to see Dexter make a return to the saga in the recent Brotherhood novel, once more offering key advice and help to Obi-Wan beyond the knowledge and 'wisdom' of the Jedi Order's capabilities.

Filming the diner scene with actor Ranald Falk in 2000, at Fox Studios, Australia.

The maquette of the chosen Dexter Jettster head (based loosely on American star Ernest Borgnine) is brought to the FOX Studios, Australia for actors reference in the scene. 

Ranald Falk and Susie Porter (Hermione Bagwa) enjoy the monster face as shown by George Lucas.

And inspected by an ever-curious Ewan McGregor.

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