Saturday 11 November 2023


Slightly different outtake to the standard publicity released image.

Every night is party night at Jabba the Hutt's palace, and what better way to celebrate his ongoing criminal activities and continuous profit-making than a performance from Max Rebo and his music trio, performing the sensational and irreplaceable number 'Lapti Nek' to the great worm ridden filth of a gangster, alongside a special dancing performance to her master from his number one Twi'lek slave girl, Oola.

Created by the ILM team in California across Summer to Winter 1981, Rebo, horn/saxophone player Droopy McCool and singer Sy Snootles would be shipped to England for filming at Elstree for mid to late January 1982 onwards.

Original Max Rebo maquette.

Maquette with his electronic organ equipment.

The creature costume under construction at ILM.

Getting a paint job from Phil Tippett.

The costume and prop organ now arrived at the UK.

Positioned ion set for filming within Jabba's Palace.

Phil Tippett at Elstree supervises the puppet.

Filming the band on the Throne Room set at Elstree in January/February 1982.

Close-up filming.

With a drunk Bib Fortuna in a deleted scene moment conceived by David Tomblin with a second unit.

Richard Marquand gives on-set instructions.

Droopy McCool (Deep Roy) and Max Rebo (Simon Williamson) on the Throne Room set between takes.

Droopy McCool- a true musical talent!

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