Monday 13 November 2023


The most popular and acclaimed alien singer on the star circuit, it can only be the memorable big-lipped Sy Snootles, belting out the popular 'Lapti Nek' hit track to the delight of her audience within Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine.

Created by the ILM Creature Shop, Sy Snootles would become a popular monster by the time she reached the Elstree Studios set in early 1982, with extended red lips deliberately inspired by the iconic singer Mick Jagger. It's frame was operated by thin piano wire and rods from under the floor by puppeteers, whilst it's unique lips would sing to the microphone via a thin piece of piano wire that could pull them forward.

Maquette polaroid image by Phil Tippett.

Early under panel tests at ILM by Phil Tippett.

The fully conceived creature operated in more test filming by Tim Rose, presumably at ILM.

Some kind of test/rehearsal material. Close-up shots of Sy singing would also be performed by a puppeteer above set.

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