Saturday, 7 April 2012


As we all await with anticipation J.W. Rinzler's next thrilling behind the scenes book: THE MAKING OF RETURN OF THE JEDI-packed with rare art, photos, and info (as well as new interviews with a  whole plethora of behind the scenes people), check out the authors audio interview with the website SHADOWLOCKED.COM for a sneak peek (link: Exclusive: J.W. Rinzler on 'The Making Of Return Of The Jedi' and more - Shadowlocked). Rinzler talks about some of the personal discoveries he made about the film in his writing journey, such as the critical "Black Friday" event that affected the films finale space battle, and which became a major challenge for ILM.

You won't have to wait a year to find out about it, though, if you check out STAR WARS AFICIONADO: it already covered that tough sequence of game-changing events in its MAKING OF RETURN OF THE JEDI special from 2008, our biggest and then most ambitious issue ever undertaken-so far the best unofficial resource on the film that you're going to get until Rinzler's book hits the bestseller charts.

It's still available as a PDF, and you won't be disappointed by it: STAR WARS AFICIONADO ISSUE 14 - THE MAKING OF "RETURN OF THE JEDI"

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Don said...

Great post. I'm looking forward to this books coming release next year. What I would really hope to see one day is dramatic screen adaptation based on at least the first one. I can see it ending with George eating his burger on Hollywood Blvd. unable to enjoy the opening of Star Wars across the street a Groman's because he has to go to the studio to edit the film for another theatre format release.