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The original cover to Tim Dry's CONTINUUM.

Reviewed by Scott Weller

An enthusiastic and witty raconteur who has always entertained the fans at the various STAR WARS related events he’s attended (and I applaud him for how many times he must have happily answered the question, “was it hot wearing that mask??!!”), Tim Dry, the popular actor, mime artist and musician, best remembered to STAR WARS fans for his double monster acting duties as J’Quille Whipid and as a Mon Calamari officer in RETURN OF THE JEDI, has gotten in touch with me about his now available autobiography e-book of his time behind the masks on STAR WARS, and of his general experiencing of the whole phenomenon of the saga outside of the original 1982 film-making (conventions, meeting the fans, etc).

Here’s Tim’s own words on this exciting work:

Continuum –The ‘Star Wars’ Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside”?

Have you ever wondered what it was really like to be a featured artiste in 'Star Wars' Episode VI - 'Return Of The Jedi', one of the biggest grossing movies of all time? Or to be an autograph guest at worldwide fan Conventions? Well, now you can discover it all! This is a 'Star Wars' actor's memoirs. Think Bill Bryson meets 'Galaxy Quest' and you're on the right track.

From his childhood love of myth, magic and legend to his own unique real-life involvement “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”, Dry gives a highly unique, and uniquely British (yaayyy!), balls to the wall account of his involvement with STAR WARS and of his life within, outside and around of it. And it’s a tale of life in all its twisted, funny, horrible, sad and invincible connotations-a highly prized continuum if ever there was one.

Sometimes saucy, sometimes very naughty, sometimes unbelievable (but they say some of the most unbelievable things can happen only in real life), Dry’s writing is crisp, honest (and he didn’t have to pay me any money to say that!), articulate and insightful in its observations (both silly, serious, dark and in wonderment) in describing both himself and his life/career, as well as his affectionate contributions, not only to RETURN OF THE JEDI, but in being a part of the worldwide convention/appearance circuit linked to STAR WARS, of which he has undertaken a fascinating journey of discovery upon its roads during the last eight years.

Charming, sardonic and ironic (and that’s a lot of onics!) as only a fellow Brit could write it, CONTINUUM is an amusing and enjoyable breath of fresh air on the STAR WARS book related front. And Dry’s exploits have convinced me that he is, in reality, a little naughty schoolboy, like a male version of a St.Trinians pupil, let loose in the sweet shop world adventure of STAR WARS, and he’s savouring every minute of it. Almost like a Dark Side version of Alan Whicker, his life within the belly of the juggernaut that is STAR WARS fandom and convention-dom reads almost like the Prequel to FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, and is a fascinating realm, full of friends, rogues and madmen, where anything can, and usually does, happen. The sections related to his Japanese experiences (a place always appealing to me in its other world-ness and culture clashed harmony- one that I long to visit one day), and his partaking in the official STAR WARS CELEBRATION IV in Los Angeles, proving particularly interesting and amongst the best of the book, particularly CELEBRATION IV, of which Dry, as well as getting to intoxicate himself fully, and enjoyably, in both the biggest STAR WARS convention so far and in his love of all things Los Angeles/Americana, successfully conveys to us the behind the scenes events and nostalgia that helped celebrate thirty years of the saga in 2007. And where does Enid Blyton’s FAMOUS FIVE reunion come in to all this world wide convention related story telling? Well, you’ll have to read the book and find out. Prepare to be shocked!

With an opening introduction from the likes of STAR WARS/INDY producer Robert Watts no less, and a twelve-page colour photo section encompassing his TIK & TOK music career (alongside his good friend, creative partner and fellow JEDI monster performer Sean Crawford) and the STAR WARS work, CONTINUUM is a terrific read that STAR WARS fans, and anyone else interested in worldwide travel with a difference, will eagerly consume and enjoy. I look forward to future projects of such high quality from Mister Dry.

Revised cover for the new edition.

For more info on the book and how to get hold of it, head over to:

All in all, you could say it was “Monster, Monster!”


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