Thursday, 29 August 2013



Published in the UK by SUNBIRD

Reviewed by Scott Weller

“That is one ugly bug!”  - Commander Cody

Having just about won their first prior decisive victory of the legendary Clone Wars against the planet Geonosis, and its disgusting insect creature race: greedy and power mad weapons makers that rule their worlds barren, hostile desert wilderness, the Jedi Knights-the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy- are now forced to return to that forsaken location, which previously cost them the lives of almost 200 slain in battle Jedi, with the secret news, obtained from Senator Padme Amidala, that the hideous race have now rearmed themselves with new, even greater technological firepower and droid battalions, moving them into a position that could prove a new threat if re-allianced with the also vast Separatist forces currently in existing conflict within the Republic. With their resources already stretched thin, and only a handful of battle groups to fight alongside them, never has there been a more dangerous time for our Jedi heroes to quash this new insurgence, as witnessed in the superb photostory events of the excellent new SUNBIRD activity book release of LEGACY OF TERROR, comprising the visual excitement of the two very popular CLONE WARS episodes from George Lucas’s worldwide animated hit series: Weapons Factory and Legacy of Terror. Now, fans young and old can relieve the classic action packed moments from the season two tales in this wonderful photo novel, getting totally immersed within it in an all new dimension, and where you can close in on the animation and see all the richness and depth of detail seen on screen, some of which can only be seen on TVs for a few seconds at a time, within the new STAR WARS visual universe, which, thanks to Animation Director Dave Filoni and his technology stretching teams, delightfully expands upon the films created by George Lucas.
And, as well as or returning favourites, like the all-time hero Anakin Skywalker (prior to donning the evil mask of Darth Vader), and his trusty young Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, we also get to see more new Jedi characters introduced into the animated format for readers to enjoy, including the tough but logical Luminara Unduli and her own Padawan learner, who possesses a unique gift for her mental and physical healing skills: Barriss Offee. As the four friends-the ultimate soldiers for peace- work together with their trusty, battle hardened Clone Troopers to initiate a dangerous plan to destroy the stronghold of the Geonosian leader, the slippery Poggle the Lesser, they then join with the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi on a hunt for the insectoid when he evades captures and enters the dark, unexplored underground regions of its world, a convenient place in which to elude pursuit, of which rumours persist holds the dominion of a far greater threat to the Jedi and the Republic at large: the scary Geonosian Queen herself, allied with her unstoppable zombie servants. With Luminara now captured and ready to become one of the undead serving the Queen-her mind ready to be absorbed by the enemy host- can her Jedi friends rescue her in time?
Enjoy the camaraderie and bravura of our heroes, the wickedness of the diabolical villains, the horror of the alien catacombs, the excitement of the lightsaber battles, the Cloone Troopers skilled offensives, and the all round thrills and spills of the Jedi’s ultimate battle to re-take and control Geonosis and its inhabitants once and for all!
And then, beyond the visual excitement, immerse yourself into the fun of play with a whole host of games, puzzles, mazes, word searches and visual tests to hone in your abilities as the next great Jedi. You know you can do it! And when you’ve succeeded, go ahead and award/indulge yourself with the lovely four pages of terrific colourful characters, logo and episode scenes sticker illustrations-eighty in all- within in the books middle section.
Whatever you’re looking for in an activity book to keep you going up until Xmas and beyond, this is the one for you. And keep your lightsabers ready in watch for the Geonosians –they may fly down and try and take this exciting publication for themselves!

AFICIONADO RATING: Great fun for kids and kidults! 3.5 out of 5

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