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Kylo Ren initiates war in THE FORCE AWAKENS. Image: DISNEY.

The decayed foreboding helmet of Darth Vader, the continuing power of the Skywalker legacy, the rise of the demonic and murderous Kylo Ren (above) and his Stormtrooper legions, the forging of new friendships on a far-off desert planet, and old buddies reunited on their legendary smuggling ship.

Against a stunning new version of John Williams's Yoda and the Force theme, the second teaser trailer of THE FORCE AWAKENS has arrived, and it's an absolute belter!

▶ Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 - YouTube

Casts old and new pose for photos at CELEBRATION ANAHEIM.

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▶ Star Wars fans at California convention excited at trailer BBC News - YouTube

▶ Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars teaser #2 - Celebrity reactions - YouTube

Master of the UK screening event Warwick Davis is in good company. Image: Warwick Davis/TWITTER.
UK fans gather outside the London EMPIRE Leicester Square. Image: STAR WARS TWITTER UK.
EPISODE VII explodes onto the front cover of the UK's DAILY MIRROR newspaper (17/4/15 edition).

In the UK, that Master of Ceremonies linked to all CELEBRATIONS, Wicket the Ewok turned light entertainment presenter extraordinaire, Warwick Davis, was on fine form as host to the UK end of DISNEY/LUCASFILM's live-streaming at London's EMPIRE Leicester Square IMAX Cinema, which commenced its unveiled revelations and surprises from 5.30 to 7.15pm. There was free popcorn and sweets to devour, and a unique CELEBRATION ANAHEIM poster goody to enjoy, as Warwick brought out some fancy dress contest selectees of all ages from the outside gathering crowds (some of them genuinely emanating from a world a little bit beyond Pluto!), a quiz with some lovely gifts courtesy of FORBIDDEN PLANET and DISNEY (Gentle Giant figurines no less!) and a very positive warmth in the air countdown to the link-up. Enjoying our little piece of Anaheim- the stars old and new, BB- 8 (just incredible- and how tiny compared to Artoo!), a clearly overwhelmed J.J. Abrams who really does have a lot to live up to in the Lucas shadow, and a crowd-pleasing Kathleen Kennedy- it was worth it just to see all the American fans on their pilgrimage filling up with tears of joy! Its fair to say that us UK fans were equally primed and excited-cheering and clapping the cinema down when old faves Han Solo and Chewbacca turned up on screen. So marvellous we all had to see the trailer again less than a minute or so afterwards, we 600 plus left the cinema with smiles and enthusiasm- The Force indeed awakening with the UK, nay the world's fan base, all over again!

UK fan reaction to trailer: ▶ Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan event, Leicester Square - YouTube

Front and back to the UK screening ticket.

With kindest thanks to DISNEY UK for their help and support in this report.

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