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A lovely, youthful Carrie Fisher- taken either just before or after filming of the original STAR WARS in 1976.

Before we conclude out tribute to Carrie Fisher and Leia Organa with EPISODEs VII and VIII, let's enjoy this photo celebration of the talented and zestful lady attending various launches, galas, parties, premieres and celebrations linked to the STAR WARS films from 1977 to 2016, where she was such a beloved and appreciated presence.

On a French TV show promoting STAR WARS with Harrison Ford in 1977.
On the promotional tour with Peter Mayhew and Gary Kurtz.
Circa 1977 at a sci-fi convention with a certain classic sci-fi magazine. Image: David Hirsch.
At the 1978 Academy Awards Gala Dinner with John Mollo, Norman Reynolds, Charles Lippincott, Roger Christian and Les Dilley. Image: via Charles Lippincott FACEBOOK page.
Enjoying another night on the town with Mark Hamill...
... and Harrison Ford.
At a British STAR WARS themed Equestrian charity event mid to late Summer 1978.
Carrie makes a memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live, alongside Gilda Radner, in 1978.
A press call for the infamous Holiday Special whilst filming in 1978.
With Anthony Daniels as Threepio in the Holiday Special.
Between filming, Fisher enjoys Ford's company on set, in this now famous image.
Our heroes celebrate a "Happy Life Day"!
Lovely shot of the actress doing the rounds between 1980-81.
At the Washington Special Olympics Charity Premiere for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in 1980.
Cover stars again for ROLLING STONE magazine in 1980.
On press tour for EMPIRE with Dave Prowse and Harrison Ford.
Another press tour Q and A with the cast and crew.
Carrie and Mark sign fan autographs (in the days when they were free!) at the May 1980 London Selfridges Department Store exhibition for EMPIRE.
Enduring "STAR WARS Stew" with the presenters of the UK children's show BLUE PETER in May 1980.

Hugging the enemy at a London May 1980 press call for EMPIRE.
Back with Artoo for the lavish Royal Premiere in London.
With her guys at the premiere.
Sir Alec Guinness enjoys Carrie's company.
Youthful stars for the Japanese magazines.
A hugely successful press visit to Japan for EMPIRE.

Trying some friendly nose affection.
Carrie with Gary Kurtz and Irvin Kershner in the mid eighties.
At Elstree filming the amusing Warwick Davis showcase RETURN OF THE EWOK short, during Winter/Spring 1982.
Having fun with "Dad" for the classic ROLLING STONE magazine cover.
And sharing quality time with another handsome guy for the CLASSIC CREATURES documentary in 1983.
With Mark and Sir Alec Guinness at a Tenth Anniversary STAR WARS event in 1987.

The Force is strong with the 20th Anniversary cinematic return of STAR WARS in Los Angeles- January 1997.
With Anthony Daniels and Artoo for a 2004 London press conference for the Classic Trilogy's arrival on DVD.
Having a riotous time with Mark and Harrison at the 2005 AFI Tribute to George Lucas.
Giving a special one-woman show at the STAR WARS CELEBRATION Convention in Los Angeles, 2007.
The price and perils of Hollywood and Galactic Royalty revealed in her 2008/9 book/show, Wishful Drinking.
The buns are back in Wishful Thinking.
The calm before the storm as Mark and Carrie celebrate the new Blu-rays with George Lucas at STAR WARS CELEBRATION V in Florida, 2010. But other big changes and announcements will follow soon enough...
Meeting the First Order at CELEBRATION 2015. Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney.
Back with Bro'. Image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney.
The old and new guard of STAR WARS. Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney.
The old gang are back, at COMIC CON 2015.
The big kiss is back!
Enjoying some lightsaber play before a special surprise COMIC CON concert.

At the US press call for THE FORCE AWAKENS.
With daughter Billie Lourde at the US Premiere.
And with a beaming John Boyega.
Likely the last shot of our main icons together at the US film premiere of TFA in 2015. Image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney.
Adam Driver holds Carrie's super pooch Gary at the film's dazzling UK premiere.
Post party bleariness at the London press conference, though Carrie was on top form as ever! Image: DISNEY UK.
Carrie, and an observant Gary, with her waxwork Leia, at London's Madame Tussauds in 2015.
Full of fun with Hamill and Boyega at the 2016 London STAR WARS CELEBRATION, previewing EPISODE VIII.
At Pinewood Studios for the upcoming EPISODE VIII, with Mark, during 2016. Image: Oscar Isaac/Facebook.
Looking superb for a 2015 TIME Magazine shoot, by Marco Grob.

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