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With the success of Jar Jar Binks as a digital creation, the time was right for the saga's beloved Master Yoda to gain an old/new lease of life in CGI for Attack of the Clones, especially with the film's finale, crowd-pleasing finale lightsaber duel between him and his once apprentice, Count Dooku.

“In EPISODE II I wanted Yoda to fight, to be an actual warrior, not just this sage. I obviously couldn’t even think about doing that on the other films. It wasn’t technically doable. Now I can.” 

George Lucas - TV GUIDE magazine - May 11th - 17th issue - 2002

Physical sculpt reference model, a cast presumably taken from the surviving Yoda head in the Lucasfilm Archives.

Rob Coleman and an ILM team mate observe the details on the Yoda sculpt for future CGI reference use.

Developing Yoda tests, copying a scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Getting closer to the final version.

Rob Coleman looks at completed footage of the Yoda/Dooku confrontation.

“There were a lot of challenges and if we hadn't met those challenges I wouldn't have had a movie, especially on this one, because I had to replicate Yoda. If I couldn't replicate Yoda digitally I was in serious trouble. I couldn't have made this movie. We tried to make him digitally on the first movie and we couldn't do it, but if we hadn't accomplished it here I would have had a pretty silly end of the movie.” 

George Lucas - BBC Online interview - 2002

An image used for marketing and merchandise.

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