Sunday, 17 September 2023


The original theatrical version of Battlestar Galactica, now available on impressive 4K UHD.

It started off as an idea for a smaller scale space hippy-ish science fiction series called Adam's Ark in the late sixties, then thankfully went on to become something bigger, greater, more spectacular and more resonating with audiences by the time it metamorphosed into Battlestar Galactica by 1978, following in the post cinematic arrival of Star Wars. Creator Glen A. Larson's finest series continues on in its titular spaceship's journey for sanctuary and strength looking for that shiny, long lost planet called Earth. And its beloved fans worldwide continue to enjoy every aspect of that very special singular season journey and the characters within it (especially its visual effects and designs from so many of the talented team headed by the original Star Wars US special effects veteran John Dykstra)...

And even now, the show is still attracting new UK TV audiences and appreciation, what with another classic run airing on digital TV during these past few months of 2023...

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