Saturday, 9 September 2023


Count Dooku, on the attack!

Upon entering the secret Geonosis hangar bay area, Yoda must soon deflect an attack of force objects direction, then a further assault of physical Dark Side strength, as Count Dooku brings down a piece of ceiling onto the diminutive Jedi. Directed bolts of of terrifying Force lightning are then unleashed and held back, before Dooku finally realises that the only way to defeat this former master will be through his experienced skills with a lightsaber...

Yoda surveys the secret hangar.

And squares off against the deadly powers of Count Dooku.

“There was bluescreen in The Lord of the Rings, but nothing like there was on Star Wars. About 85% was shot on bluescreen for Star Wars. Walls, floor, the complete stage was blue. They need that for technical reasons, which I can not go into, for it’s something I do not understand. They need that to put in the background, what’s behind you, in front of you, besides you. Reading the script, I know what is taking place and where this is supposed to be, but I do not know what it is going to look like and I do not know if I’m going to be surrounded by other people, droids or that I’ll be alone. I have no idea. So when shooting, there is nothing there – and there certainly wasn’t when I had my fight with Yoda! They have to match what he does after what I’ve done first! I do the lightsaber moves, after I’m told where Yoda is going to be. So I do not know exactly what he is going to do in the fight. I’ve often been asked the question what it is like to work with bluescreen. Over the years I got quite used to that. The answer is of course that you have to have a very powerful imagination, experience, professional knowledge, powers of invention of your own and you have to have the right instincts. You either have them or you haven’t. If you have them, it’s a great help to everybody. What else do you need to be an actor? Dedication, devotion. All these elements are vital if you want to make a career as an actor.” 

Christopher Lee - Internet interview (source unknown) 

The Dark Side of the Force is unleashed!

Yoda prevents the ceiling from coming down on him.

Sending out Force lightning.

Yoda absorbs the dark energy...

and redirects it back at Dooku.

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