Wednesday, 13 September 2023


The Star Wars equivalent of Peter Lorre to Jabba the Hutt's Sydney Greenstreet, the creepy and nasty little Kowakian Monkey Lizard known as Salacious B. Crumb (named by creature-creating guru Phil Tippett), makes the most of his status within the court of Jabba the Hutt, and being aligned to the power and intimidation wrought by the super slug. A gross combination of a 'groupie' and a evil court jester type, for sure...

Brought to reality within the US environs of ILM's expansive 'Creature Shop' during 1981, its puppet operator would be the talented Tim Rose for the majority of filming at London's Elstree Studios during early 1982. 

A basic shape begins at ILM.

Evolving into its final form.

Getting a detailed spray painting for skin texture.

Tim Rose watching a monitor as he manipulates the puppet in tests/rehearsals.

Detailed looks as Salacious.

On set, and nastier than ever.

Director Richard Marquand offers acting advice.

A deleted scene moment of Bib Fortuna and Crumb getting drunk in the throne room. It was conceived on set and filmed by David Tomblin, but never made the final cut.

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