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An intense duel ensues between the towering force of Count Dooku and the small but determined Yoda, the latter of whom soon shows the latest Sith Apprentice the full power of his abilities. Recognising potential defeat or stalemate, Dooku creates a distraction for Yoda that requires his abilities to rescue the injured Obi-Wan and Anakin, now in danger, instead. The Count soon escapes the hangar safely within his Droid-operated Solar Sail vessel pod.

“From what I could tell, George was asking for the Tasmanian devil.. every time we showed it to him he said, “Amp it up! He’s got to be bouncing around!” He kept saying, “He’s a frog, this wicked-ass frog that’s going to kick it.”” 

Rob Coleman - DVD Review magazine Issue 44 - 2002 

“I’ve done more fights on celluloid than any actor in history…and I’ve got the scars to prove it. And this fight is greater than anything I’ve been involved in.”

Christopher Lee - DVD Review magazine Issue 44 - 2002

“I thought it was a remarkable scene considering that I never, at any time during the fight, actually saw Yoda. When we were filming, he wasn’t there. There was no time to position him. The whole thing was very fast and quick, so there wasn’t any time to place him 40 feet up on the left, or 10 feet to the right or wherever he was. I had to do it against blue screen, without Yoda being there, or anybody else for that matter. It was mainly a question of eye lines. I was told to look in that direction, make that movement and then make another movement in another direction. It was choreographed. That was the only way to do it. The long shots where Dooku is running (weren’t performed by me) because I was 79 or thereabouts, and I just can’t run. So that’s done by a double. But everyone had doubles, and they are in Episode III too. They have to be on certain occasions. But most of the stuff that you saw that was close-up-that’s to say knees upward, waist upward-was done by me.” 

Christopher Lee - Starlog magazine Issue 336 - July 2005

Locking lightsabers!

A deleted moment where Dooku uses two lightsabers.

A part of the filmed duel sequence saw Dooku wield two sabers against Yoda but this experimental footage was ultimately unused, though still photos from it were used for EPISODE II marketing and publicity purposes linked to the Dooku character.

An impressive visual shot from the duel sequence.

Yoda congratulates Dooku on his duel prowess.

Dooku provides the cowardly distraction needed to escape.

Yoda rescues Obi-Wan and Anakin as Dooku escapes...

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