Saturday 2 December 2023


Now liberated from droid guards by her new Jedi protectors in Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, the young Queen Amidala, flanked by her trusted handmaidens, must make a brave decision that will see her removed from her world, her people, her society, as a phantom menace makes its powerplay via the Trade Federation's unforeseen invasion of Naboo. From this worsening scenario playing out, Qui-Gon's instincts also reveal that she will be killed if she stays. 

A great scene from Episode I, and an important moment for the series key female heroine/s.

A brief look back at the film from actor/writer/director Sofia Coppola, who played the handmaiden Sache, who can be seen in the above image second to the far right.

Sofia Coppola Looks Back at Forgotten Star Wars Cameo, Relationship With George Lucas

Sofia Coppola as Sache (seated right) as a security officer (Carmine Coppola) checks communications. A scene shot on location at Caserta Palace, Italy. 

For more on the invasion of Naboo linked to Queen Amidala and her enigmatic Handmaidens, check out last year's popular hardback release from E. K. Johnston, Queen's Peril.

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