Thursday 21 December 2023


Peter Kuran (left) and Charles Lippincott (right) assist Anthony Daniels as Threepio during the now legendary Mann's Chinese Theatre cement signing in Summer 1977.

Best known as one of the icon ILM talents of the Original Trilogy, notably linked to the animation/ rotoscoping, especially for the lightsabers and energy weapon blasts work, Peter Kuran would be a key help outside his work sphere during 1977-78, as an assistant-of-sorts to Anthony Daniels with his costumed American appearance in Summer 1977 at the famous Mann's Chinese Theater signing, and, with a similar body frame to Daniels at that time, even occupying the golden droid costume for a fashion shoot for Vogue magazine, presumably as the actor was not available at that time to do it. It's also likely that Kuran was Threepio for the posed merchandise poster photos captured by Bob Seidemann that were also taken circa Summer 1977 States-side.

Peter Kuran (middle) observes Lucas (also watched by Patricia Rose Duignan) as he surveys effects shots footage for the original Star Wars at ILM.

Peter Kuran donning the Threepio costume for additional Landspeeder filming, taken for the original Star Wars in California by ILM, early 1977.

As film publicity continued States-side, Kuran might also have assumed the Threepio suit for this Wars/Fox related publicity shoot too, linked to a unique giveaway themed Toyota motor vehicle:

The classic 1977 Vogue magazine shoot, also featuring a Jawa, Darth Vader and Snaggletooth!

Vogue magazine shoot 1977

With Jerry Hall (right).

Classic signed photo to Kuran from Anthony Daniels. Image: via Peter Kuran/ Facebook.

And another on the art used for the Coca Cola tie-in campaign. Image: via Peter Kuran/ Facebook.

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