Friday 8 December 2023


Han and Luke observe the hangar activity and a nearby Y-wing fighter.

Having delivered the Princess to her supporters within the Rebel Alliance on Yavin IV, young Luke Skywalker, perhaps now feeling surplus to requirements with his task accomplished, is easily distracted by the old but impressive X and Y-wing fighters assembled within the Massassi temple, and soon goes to inspect one, watched by Han Solo, in a brief deleted scene moment from the original Star Wars, filmed as part of the first unit on the massive Stage H at Shepperton Studios from the 9th-11th June, 1976. The moment was ultimately replaced with a close-up of Artoo Detoo dismounted from the transport vehicle and with overlaid dialogue about the droid's importance from Princess Leia to General Willard (Eddie Byrne).

The overall set was supplied with 10 British extras dressed as Rebel fighter pilots, 30 as ground technicians, and 10 as Rebel Troopers, most of whom had prior appeared with the prior shooting in May of the film's finale medal ceremony scenes, also captured on Stage H. Mark Hamill had sustained a toe injury at this time of new filming at Shepperton, but was recovering.

Arriving in the Massassi Temple hangar.

General Willard (Eddie Byrne) is pleased and relieved to see Princess Leia again as Han watches and a quiet Luke moves towards the Y-wing.

Luke is distracted as he sees a nearby Y-wing fighter, whilst Han dismounts the travel vehicle.

Han watches Luke examining the Y-wing fighter's energy pod.

Han and Luke by the Y-wing which only had the one pod attachment created in the UK during studio filming, probably singular due to size issues on the soundstage for fighter prop re-positioning camera shots. Whether there was any filmed dialogue between the two characters here is unknown but not an impossibility.

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